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New ERP Order : Stainless steel components manufacturer Gbd

Finsys ERP Software selected by Stainless Steel Components Manufacturer at Ghaziabad

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Leaders Choose Leaders in the ERP Software Technology for Steel Components.

Another Leading Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Products, Coils to Sheets to Components, to Equipments made of SS.


The manufacturing facilities created at their Ghaziabad Plant have the modern machine shop well equipped with CNC Fibre Laser Cutting (Bystronic DNE, Switzerland), CNC Bending Machine (Amada), Circle Cutting Machine (HERTZ Control), Slitting Machine (Divine Group), Rolling Machine, MIG Welding Machines, TIG Welding Machine . They also have modern CAD/CAM design center and research and development on new products.
They are also a Railway Equipment Manufacturer. One of the Best facilities, at Ghaziabad. They loved our ERP Software since many companies in similar industry were already using Finsys ERP Software.
Based out in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India), we have established an ultra-modern infrastructural set up that is furnished with advanced machinery and tools. Business Units are categorized  into several sub-units such as manufacturing, quality control, procurement, sales & marketing, production, etc.
Electrical Panels, Battery Box, Railway Kitchen RMU Chasis, and SS Slabs, Railway SS Soap Box, Railway Stainless Steel Bio Tank, all are made better, if the Process is controlled, monitored and facilitated on the Finsys ERP Software.


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Think Different, Think Ahead, Think Better, Yes, Finsys Helps 


ERP Software | ABOUT Finsys ERP

With a great experience in the field of business management systems, Finsys has been able to create and develop, from 1992 to 2023.. and counting…, Finsys ERP , a solution, that is especially designed for Manufacturing sector companies to help them meet their specific needs.

Finsys ERP  is a user-friendly integrated management solution. Also, Finsys ERP  is adequate, affordable and relatively easy to implement solution, designed specifically for SMEs that want to streamline their business process. Nowadays, the application is used worldwide by more than 350+ enterprises, at 750+ Factory Locations in 8 countries.


To grow your business, you need to devote time to more important things than just a bundle of Excel spreadsheets, with teams punching in the discrete and duplicate excel files. If the communication between your departments is missing or if your sales, accounting, and operational systems are not integrated, your productivity will inevitably suffer. When you must search for critical business information such as customer records or inventory levels in different locations, you can’t make timely, sound decisions and meet customers’ needs quickly.

Purchasing Finsys ERP  is a way to provide your company with strong and integrated analytical tools, to which you can add Business Intelligence (BI) functions. Thus, not only will you be able to increase your responsiveness, your flexibility and effectiveness; you will also own all the tools at your disposal to get a return on your investments and reach your goals.


Finsys ERP  can help you:

  • Replace an outdated system by tools allowing in-depth analysis – Accounting solutions do not meet your needs anymore? Finsys ERP  offers a range of possibilities, from solicitation to inventory control. The solution can also help in accounting, analysis, management and way more!
  • Improve your results by reinforcing your efficiency—By centralizing and integrating all your processes (finances, purchase, stocks and operations) in one single system, Finsys ERP  enables you to limit the risk of making mistakes or duplication, leading to a reduction of your expenses.
  • Ensure your business growth — The general rationalization of your operations entails time savings, so you can focus on more profitable activities.
  • Speed up decision-making—Since everything is consolidated in a single data base, you can access to any information with the click of a mouse. The data being complete and up-to-date, your employees can meet your clients’ needs faster.
  • Shorten the payback time—Within a matter of weeks, you will see the benefits of implementing Finsys ERP , an extremely intuitive operational solution that reduces your training budget and your support costs.
  • Meet all your needs—Because of the access to user-friendly customization tools and the 18 vertical solutions by us, you can easily adapt Finsys ERP  to your needs.


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SOP – Use Purchase Return Invoice… instead of Debit Note and Challan

Benefits of Using Purchase Return invoice, for sending out the Rejections

instead of Delivery Challan + Debit Note.

Method 1 :

–Make a Delivery Challan
–Ask for vendors’ Credit Note

Method 2 :

–Make a Purchase Return Invoice
–And charge him Value + taxes

  • There is no section on “Purchase return” in the law.
  • There is no notification / Circular on “Purchase returns”

example : if Sale : 1 lakh,  ( inwards material ), and Purchase return invoice : Rs 5000 ( basic value ).. better make a Purchase Return invoice

Benefits no 1

–My books are correct, Vendor account is debited immediately.
–No risk of excess payment to Vendor

Benefit no 2

–E way bill  /
–Document for the “road” movement
–no Risk on the Road

Benefit 3 :

  • Vendor Reconciliation is easy
  • No risk of goods sent, –But Debit Note not made.
  • No risk of goods sent, –Debit Note not sent by courier. Lost on the way.
  • Reco problems,  No risk of vendor denying, I don’t know, I don’t remember.

Benefit 4

  • GSTR 1 , I am not dependent on the vendor.
  • I debit him straight away. I charge him the basic and the tax on that. In GSTR-1, I show this as my outward supply.
  • He accepts in GSTR-2.
  • Cycle is complete
  • So, easy since GSTR2 is automatically made

  • Government gets the GST,
  • and no need to reconcile the Delivery Challans and Debit Notes / reversals.
  • Simplification during the GST audit after some years

Details in the PPT as under


a Purchase Return to Vendor – Purchase return invoice

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