Finsys on AWS Cloud or Oracle Cloud – Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shifting to AWS (Amazon Cloud) or Oracle Cloud

usually, your Finsys ERP Software might be either on In-house, also called “On-premises server”. Or already on Cloud.

First, let us discuss the Advantages

Benefits of AMAZON CLOUD or Azure or Oracle Cloud server spaces

First, You can work from Home, from anywhere



No need to Purchase a Server.

No Hardware Purchase Cost

No need of Research on Best Servers

Their Installation

and their upkeep

Saves time of IT Managers and your staff + Saves MONEY


No need to Purchase or Maintain Anti Virus Softwares.


| Save Cost | Save time | Saves on Hassles |



No Need of Separate WINDOWS LICENCES For the Server

Microsoft Windows licence must be purchased for on premise Server. But on the Amazon. The Rental includes the Microsoft Windows Cost rent also.

So, again

| Safer | Lower Cost | Reduce your Hassles |


Save the Cost of Online UPS for Server.

Since there is no Server, so, there is no need of UPS. Amazon takes care of your server space with its Gigantic UPS

So, again

| Safer | Lower Cost | Reduce your Hassles |


No cost of electricity for server area

No Cost of special air conditioning for server area



No need of Special I.T. team for server, switching on, switching off, upkeep, taking care, taking backup.


Very high speed internet access for upload/download at server end.

So, much Faster for your branches, and factories other than the main plant/Head office where your on premise server used to be situated.

Always “On”,

24 hours “ON”. Usually the on premises servers are switched off at around 8 pm. They are kept on 8 am to 8 pm. usually.  So, if you need, you cant access data at night. So, you switch off your mind about it.

But, no more…. now this server is 24 x 7 x 365 days

Allows Work from home.

Reduces E- Waste

No need to upgrade Server computers from time to time. Good for the Country, Good for the Environment.



Criterion . how to choose ?

Cloud vs on-premise

If you have multiple locations, and low IT Staff, and Low IT inhouse knowledge, unreliable Electricity connections, unreliable UPS…..we must consider the Oracle or Amazon Cloud as a First option, instead of owning a Server.

Safe | Economic | Fast |

but note……

owning a house/factory has long term benefits than “renting” a house or flat or factory or a car.

Disadvantages of cloud are two only 

  1. Cost of Rent, that continues … ( though you can go inhouse later, if you want to, with just 1 day notice, anyday anytime)  ( T & C apply).
  2. Slightly slower speed than “on premise” server, since you are accessing a server, 1000’s km away usually

yet these are offset, (a) since internet is good now a days almost everywhere, (b) people cost is reduced, for IT Dept (c) Softwares like Oracle and Windows are very costly. that cost comes to almost zero if you go for proper Cloud. ( Terms and Conditions apply )

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Finsys Recommends the USD 40 per month plan. for beginners, on Windows only. ( Do not take Linux, for time being )

Take the Base pack with the following technical Specs to start with

4 GB Memory

2 Core Processor

80 GB SSD Disk

4 TB Transfer* / month

you can always upgrade to the next higher packs based on your requirements and user base.

This is sufficient for adequate and comfortable Finsys Use for a company with 10 to 24 users.

for information

AWS Plan for 80USD pm is sufficient for a company with 25 to 50 users approx.

AWS Plan for 200 USD pm is Great for those around 100 users +

Whenever, you want, if required, Options to upgrade are readily available

AWS top Regions

Mumbai AWS for Indian Subcontinent for GCC countries for Clients in Africa

Azure Cloud by Microsoft

India : Azure has centres at Mumbai, Chennai, Pune

Gulf / GCC Countries

Azure Bahrain is good for GCC Countries