WIP Management ERP Software

WIP Management ERP Software

Demo of the Finsys ERP Software which can handle the end to end WIP management

This module / this version of software has successfully helped reduce 1 company reduce its inventory by Rs 20 crores.

and its profit by Rs 10 crores per annum.


We promise you, if you and your team absorb this Time Tested Excellent ERP system properly including MRP system and including WIP monitoring then, it will add ZEAL and SPEED to your company.

AND, it will add Efficiency to a new level

And Profit is a end Result of all the steps

We are with you in this important process.

As a Pre-Read… We are sharing below the Website link of this file it will show you manufacture of a Complex Product

It is as complex as your Product items it has assemblies, sub assemblies etc it has stages of production

It has WIP valuation It has Enquiry management, to order to procurement, to issue to WIP to FG to QC to shipment

We are sure you will be benefited by seeing this file at your comfort and time availability.


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