Voucher Entry using QR Barcode and Scanners… Live, in Finsys ERP

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Voucher Entry using QR Barcode and Scanners… Live, in Finsys ERP

Brand New Innovation.

In Finsys, you can use Barcode scanners even in accounts Departments.

Accounts Voucher using QR code and Barcode Scanners … Finsys ERP
Simply automatic

Finsys, Always Latest, Always innovating

Leading Companies like DLJM are actually using these facilities, every day

As someone said, Leaders don’t do different things, they do things differently

Blow Moulding Plant – Plastic Moulding company – Awards order to Finsys

Blow Moulding Plant –

Plastic Moulding company – Awards order to Finsys

Today Finsys was awarded a Contract for ERP Software for a leading Plastic Moulding company in Karnataka.

Congratulations. Finsys.

Just for knowledge for academics

The blow molding process is designed to manufacture high volume, one-piece hollow objects. If you need to make lots of bottles, this is the process for you. Blow molding creates very uniformly, thin-walled containers. And, it can do so very economically.

Blow molding offers several distinct advantages including:

  • The costs in blow molding are lower as compared to injection molding
  • Machinery costs are typically lower as well
  • One-piece construction so that there’s no need to connect part halves, which can achieve shapes that injection molding cannot produce

With blow molding, a plastic tube is heated and filled with air until it essentially becomes a balloon of hot plastic called a “parison.” A mold is then clamped around this, trapping the plastic while air continues to fill the parison into the shape of your part. The size of the machine and associated costs to produce a blow molded product is based on the weight of the plastic shot used in the mold.

blow molded parts


More about Finsys ERP for Plastic moulding

Youtube – CFO Role in a Company And also Using Powers of Finsys ERP

Key skills for the modern CFO.

Things that you can emulate , How a MSME can make things better. Systematically, Professionally.

SMART goals,

activities that you can do, Or your son, Or your VP, or your CFO, Or…. you can distribute amongst them.

Don’t miss this video. सीधा दिल से Personal perspective on what makes for a successful modern CFO Are today’s CFOs ready for the challenge? Focus areas for the CFO of the future

Powerpoint Presentation – for the CFO Role in a Company


to Download the powerpoint presentation,

shown in this video, please go to our Google Drive , link below

We shot this video at The Pilibheet House, Hotel Taj Property, Haridwar.

New Order from Mumbai based Engineering Company

Mumbai Based 40 year old company chooses Finsys ERP

Yet another Mumbai Nariman Point based company with plants in Navi Mumbai and Pune, chose to implement Finsys ERP.

Like most Indian Mid corporates, once this company was established as a small family business and started business by manufacturing consumer goods. Soon after it diversified into the industrial businesses and started manufacturing of motor fans and battery caps for many large cap Indian domestic companies.

This Engineering company specialises in injection molding, sheet metal, rubber, fabrication and sub assemblies. The company has really put its stamp in the Indian automotive, electrical, telecom and consumer stationary market. The company manufactures parts that include all types of metal, plastic and rubber and operates a very client specific supply chain.

Congratulations to both parties
Keep up the Flag
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