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This helps you Upgrade your knowledge, and use the Finsys ERP software at the next level.

Towards a Stronger, More Efficient, More Collaborative Indian Manufacturing Industry.

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Previous Seminars : Already Completed

Session Date 21-7-2021 (Wednesday ) 3.30 pm

Plastic Moulding  and Sheet Metal Automotive Components Industry : New features and New ideas. What you must do in Finsys ERP.

Complete Cycle, of Production.

Session  Date 16-6-2021 (Wednesday ) 3.30 pm

Corrugation Packaging Industry : New features and New ideas. What you must do in Finsys ERP.

Also for customers in all packaging Industries. Complete Cycle, of Production

Mission TCS on Sales invoice

Finsys Special Training Session for TCS on Sale Invoice and E – Invoice

Click Now :
Date : 28-Sept-2020 ( Monday )
Time : 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

1. TCS : How to charge TCS on Invoice, automatically ?
2. TCS : How to Make Monthly Debit Note ( instead of adding in invoice )
3. TCS on Purchase Side, accounting entry changes

4.  E invoice, Digital Signatures on invoices and some other topics.

This session was followed by Frequently Asked questions & Open House (Online Audience Queries)

Conducted Good Session. Attended by about 274 companies / representatives

Website for the TCS link below

Finsys Master Class …. for Task Management, how to give tasks to staff and take its reporting, with dashboards

Special training for Managing Directors /  CEO’s and Heads

Conducted on 29th August 2020. Good Session. Attended by about 100 companies

Finsys ERP : Webinar ….
Mission Efficient Stores & Efficient Purchase.

‘Years 2020-30 : the Golden Decade for Digitally Active Indian Manufacturing Industry’

Trainings on some Excellent MIS Reports in Purchase Module.

MIS Reports in Purchase Module

Vendor Rating Reports

TAT – Turn Around Time Reports for PR, PO, QC, Approvals.

Pending PR, PO, Schedule, QC Reports.


CEO / COO / Factory Head / Directors most welcome.
Please organise in your own conference Room
and, be accompanied by your Stores and Purchase Team.

Date : 8-Aug-2020 ( Saturday )
Time : 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm.

Finsys Master Class ….
for Managing Directors/ Promoter Family members / CXO’s

( CEO / COO / CFO / Factory Head most welcome).

( Many Growing SME Business Families are also Seriously systematic and Professional  )

Date : 1-Aug-2020 ( Saturday ) | Time : 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm.

Training by Mr Sangeet Kr Gupta and Mr Puneet Gupta, on NEW MIS Reports, Improvement Matrix and new “MIS reports for Top Management” Menu. Recommend all to Attend.

Training by Mr Sangeet Kr Gupta and Mr Puneet Gupta.


Succession Planning—- Have you done it ?
It is even more important during times of Corona

Discussion was done for suggestions on
1. For even smoother Company continuity
2. For joyful personal assets continuity
3. Business loans .. how to reduce that risk ?

Focus was on Business Families only / Promoters only

Panel Speakers
Mr Sangeet Kr Gupta, CA, Mr M L Gupta, CA and Mr Jeetender Gupta, Advocate Supreme Court of India.

Topic: Succession Planning ideas – Finsys Clients
Time: Jul 29, 2020 06:00 PM

This was over Zoom Meeting

Around 24 Promoters / Business Groups  / Business Families  participated

24th July 2020, Friday | 4:00 PM

Focus Industries :

Plastic Moulding Industries, Rubber Moulding Industries, Sheet Metal, Equipment or machine manufacturers, Electronics Manufacturers, Packaging Companies. ( Infact, Common to all Industries )

Agenda : Stores Module Topics

  1. Minimum Level, Maximum Levels, Reorder levels of Stock – how to set them one by one in ERP in Item master ?

  2. How to get Report of Stock items breaching these limits ?

  3. Importance of setting these levels ?

  4. Automatic Emails of Items below Minimum level ? how to start ?

  5. How to Change Automatically, by single click, the Min – max levels, based on month or season, consumption pattern due to Corona/Covid19

  6. Identification Tags for the Product / Item

  7. Identification Tags for the Almirah / Shelves / Racks

  8. Barcode based issue of Material


This was followed by

  • Frequently Asked questions

  • Open House ( Online Audience Queries)

  • Some other Standard Reports and options in Finsys ERP – Stores Module

Around 122 companies participated

Wednesday  : 15 July 2020 : 4 pm

Accounts Module

Options, Reports, Locks, Features, Masters, TDS, TCS, Balance Sheet, P & L, GST recap


Around 154 companies participated

Link to the Website containing the Accounts Training Manuals used during Training session =

This is link to our Google Drive


Monday : 13 July 2020 : 4 pm

Purchase Module

Options, Reports, Locks, Features, Masters, Normal PO, Service PO, Import PO, Turn around Time Reports in PO Module + more

Around 80 companies participated


Programmes subject to changes without prior notice, based on situations beyond our control.