Issue # 3 : How to expedite Barcoding in ERP Implementation

We discuss “How to Expedite ?” …the ERP implementation….  in this series of Management Lectures

by Making Business Better Team, the Consulting Arm of Finsys Infotech Limited

Topic # 3 – How to Expedite Barcoding in Inventory ( Reel Management )…..

If we want to get Traceability, we must implement Barcoding

But , for some, it is a Herculean Task

So, in this Lecture we share how to make Barcoding work

Why this is important ?

a) Proper Costing

b) Proper Traceability

c) Proper Location

d) Proper Accountability … stock is like CASH

e) Material issue will be so correct and fast, if we scan and issue using scanning

Good for Production

Good for Accounts

Good for Quality

Good For Sales

Good for Stores

Remember …

Barcode Printing is just an enabler Work.

The Real reason of Barcode ERP implementation in Stores Department is :

  • 100% Accurate Issue
  • What happened Right ?
  • What did not happen Right ?
  • Which Old Reel was missed to be issued ? and why ?
  • What is the RM stock in hand, vs pending order ?
  • What is rejection in RM ? Why ?
  • What are complaints  ? Why ?
  • Which are non moving batches ?
  • which batches / reels have given rejection  ? Why ?
  • And such other MIS Reports in the Stores Module

So, do not focus just on MRR / Barcode, It is “just a step” to get to all the above reports in any Good ERP Software ….like Finsys ERP

Where are we now ?

Let us have a count today morning from all the affiliates / Branches/ Factories that you have
  1. How many Reels in Stores are available as on 23-4-2021, morning ?
  2. Of these how many Barcode pasting done ?
  3. Percent of (barcode pasted) to (Total required) ?
And if the percent is below 50%, then do something fast…. increase resources, ,.. increase time…. reduce targets… but still try to achieve the targets…
maybe , by multiple people work together
Reel Stock in hand can be 100% accurate
and LIVE MRR, 100% Live Barcode based issue can start from tomorrow / within next week


The target is that I want that Stores must start the Stock in hand report from the Finsys ERP from the evening of Monday … with c.c. to Top Management

What is required for that ?

a) Entry of pending Stock in Hand as on 23-4-2021 ( the Cut off date )
b) Entry of Actual Stores Entry and Stores Issue of 24 and 25 April 2021
That is all
The target can be accomplished by your company.

Reach for the stars, Comeon !

Yes  ! you can do it

Thoughts shared by Making Business Better Team, the Consulting Arm of Finsys Infotech Limited