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Monthly Archives: April 2022

Add Safety to your Cheques + Prevent Frauds + Prevent Mistakes

Want to Reduce Risks in Cheques Preparation

Must Get Cellotape before you sign them

Must see that second time printing is banned

In this video, we show two Cheque Printing Topics A. You must switch on the lock for “Prevent same Cheque to be printed second time”. B. How your must use cello-tape to Prevent manipulation in Cheques in Transit.

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Capacity Building Workshop – IamSMEofIndia dt 6th April 2022

Capacity Building Workshop “Important To-do things in Accounts Department in April 2022” organized by IamSMEofIndia

Sh. M L Gupta, Founder Finsys Team, graced the Dias with his presence . Sh. Sangeet Kr Gupta was of the Main Technical Speaker at event.

Sh. Rajiv Chawla, Chairman of IamSMEofIndia, was the Moderator and Keynote Speaker.

Sh. M L Gupta, Founder Finsys Team, graced the Dias with his presence . Sh. Sangeet Kr Gupta was of the Main Technical Speaker at event.

Topics Covered

1. Things you must do in April 2022 for a Better Balance Sheet, – Current Ratio, Debt Equity Ratio, DSCR Ratio
2. Term Loan repayment, is that a good idea ?
3. CC Limit vs OD limit against Property – Which is better ? and when ?
4. GST – Actions you must do now in March 2022
5. TDS and TCS – Actions you can take, to make yourself safer
6. Fixed Assets – Measure you can do, should do Now
7. Importance of Funds Flow – How to show to your management. Key Points.
8. Importance of CARO Report – many important para’s for 2022 ( First time ever )

Thanks so much for your overwhelming response!

What a great beginning to the new Financial Year!!

It was the first important Training program in this FY to help prepare our members for faster growth.

Capacity Building Program for better Accounts and Finance Management

Special Tips for Accounts and Finance for more prosperous 2022-23

An out-of-the-box program that prepared Entrepreneurs & their Finance/ Accounts Teams to make the New Financial Year stress free and prosperous, giving lessons and tips like never before, adding immense value, guaranteeing unprecedented savings.

Finsys is Proud to be Associated with IamSMEofIndia

Proud to say : IamSMEofIndia??

Happy New Indian Year

In this new year, with Finsys ERP, you can:

.cut costs by automating routine tasks.

.improve the efficiency of staff.

.increase or measure office productivity.

.streamline business operations and accounts.

.replace paper processes.

.communicate more effectively with customers, suppliers or partners.

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