New Order : Another Plastic Toys Manufacturer Places order for Finsys ERP

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New Order : Another Plastic Toys Manufacturer Places order for Finsys ERP

New Order :

Another Plastic Toys Manufacturer Places order for Finsys ERP

ERP Software for toys Manufacturing

We all remember few memories of our childhood playing with our favorite toys. With the time, things changed and we grew, but the love of children for toys remain the same. And we are Finsys rejoiced, when another Toy Manufacturer decided to give its IT Systems, its ERP Systems to Finsys. This will give them the Material Traceability . This will help in material accountability

With time and technology, wooden toys have replaced innovative toys that now help with kids’ education. Leveraging upon the state-of-the-art technology, today’s manufacturers produce an quintessentially designed collection of toys for the children with which they can pass time and learn well.

The collection they offer include Outdoor Game Ball Kit, Plastic Doll Shaped Money Bank, Kids Plastic Alphabets Learning Kit, Kids Plastic Aeroplane Construction Set and many more. This shows that by manufacturing and exporting the finest quality toys, Indian Toy Manufacturers are giving a good competition to the Chinese Toy Suppliers.

Finsys is an ERP Software of Choice, for the Board Game manufacturers, ERP for Plastic Toys, ERP for Metal Toys, ERP for Baby toys. Fantastic systems.

Have a look at this video above… showing how to do the Job worker reconciliation for a Toy Manufacturer who gets some assemblies done outside .


And the journey continues.


Congratulations to the Team Finsys,,

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Government GST E Invoice Server Problem Solved [ 24 May 2023 ]

Government GST Server was DOWN again…. Outage.. ( GST Official Govt server )

Today’s date and time of reporting : 24-May-2023 : 17.30 pm approx

 Current status  at 20.27 pm : Matter Solved

There is a reported interruption in the GST Datafarm in India

All Einvoice Users facing problem of

Reason : Server is down

As per WEBTEL : no E-Response coming, from IRN Portal

even if you login the screen directly, the screen shows as under

empty screen with the message : This service is UNAVAILABLE

Other service providers confirmed :  Yes, Server is down

Spoken to SARAL Relationship Manager with Finsys , they are also confirming that yes, Government server for IRN is currently Down ( Updated News Time 19:34 pm today 24-5-2023 )

E-invoicing with Saral GST Software



We will keep you updated

This is currently beyond control of Finsys Team and Webtel Team … This is purely Government GST portal problem ( as at 19.40 pm )


Status update : Recovery Started ….( as at 19.58 pm )

[7:56 pm, 24/05/2023] Webtel Praveen Gola: Now partially generation is start . And sometime is generating or sometimes getting error. So user can try now to generate IRN Number.
[7:57 pm, 24/05/2023] Sangeet Kr Gupta: ok


Message from a Customer in Rajasthan at 8.04 pm

[8:04 pm, 24/05/2023] +91 85743 xxxxx: Now working…
[8:04 pm, 24/05/2023] Sangeet Kumar Gupta: Good


Message from a Customer in Bahadurgarh, Haryana at 8.09 pm

[8:09 pm, 24/05/2023] +91 70422 8xxxx: Working fine now
[8:09 pm, 24/05/2023] Sangeet Kumar Gupta: Good
[8:09 pm, 24/05/2023] +91 70422 9xxxx: Thank you team
[8:09 pm, 24/05/2023] Sangeet Kumar Gupta: Good
[8:09 pm, 24/05/2023] Sangeet Kumar Gupta: thanks
[8:09 pm, 24/05/2023] CHPL Yogesh kumar: Thank you sir for support


Ticket Closed ( Successful and hopefully, ok for today)

Many customers are reporting “SUCCESS” and BACK to normal now.

Thank you for support


Status update  : No problem seen till 17:17pm on 25-5-2023

Oracle server was down, First time since 2021 ( Now solved in 50 minutes )

Oracle Server Outage.. ( Back-end server at Oracle Mumbai Data farm )

First date and time of reporting : 24-May-2023 : 12.40 pm

Fully Solved, all servers : 24-May-2023 : 13:45 pm

All is ok

There is a reported interruption in the Oracle Datafarm in India

Some Users facing problem of

TNS Listner not responding

Database not opening


there is a outage ( disruption )
in Oracle servers

Some servers are working fine :  Restoration of the rest is in progress

Oracle Has informed that work is on to repair the problem, and hope to get back the things in control in next few minutes ( hopefully )

[12:43 pm, 24/05/2023] Sangeet Kr Gupta:

I spoke to a senior manager there
he confirmed the problem
and they are on the job
to solve it

[12:45 pm, 24/05/2023] Sangeet Kr Gupta:

all servers are working fine. All customers are ok. Topic closed

Matter Solved <Tickets closed >

Post : Better Internet Speeds… For Finsys ERP.. Bandwidth, Speed Problems Solutions

Ideas for Faster ERP Access… Faster Finsys ERP speed

what to do ? … to save bandwidth ? .. what can go wrong ? what to check ? What are the other solutions ?

( excellent big writeup .. upto Oracle Cloud )

Put firewalls, to monitor the traffic

Monitor actually

Remove excess useful traffic  and all  sites not allowed as per your company policy : example : Online BSE / NSE stock exchange access, online Cricket games / Betting Sites /Facebook / Movies / “Time-Pass” areas / “Time-waste” Areas

Saves a lot of internet bandwidth


CCTV cameras… take huge bandwidth …. shift to separate internet . remove that from main internet

Shift CCTV to simple resolution . Remove the HD resolution immediately to basic resolution only

Nobody needs to see CCTV online all the time

reduce the data on internet going from CCTV camera’s

Saves a lot of internet bandwidth

Oracle utility for faster access, must be loaded on each PC.

If you are using Finsys Main EXE…. must use the Oracle Special Fast Drivers meant for internet based access.

Saves time of users… increases the speed 5X

Check regularly, for Internal Virus or digital spam .and Malware…

They also consume a lot of bandwidth… can be security breach also

Google drive synchronisation —- stop auto sync… from each PC

Check each computer , 1 by 1.

If any user has clicked ok to “offline google drive” or “Google drive synchronisation”…. a lot of bandwidth is going into that DAILY



Microsoft One drive synchronisation —- stop auto sync… from each PC

Check each computer , 1 by 1.

If any user has clicked ok to “offline google drive” or “Google drive synchronisation”…. a lot of bandwidth is going into that DAILY



Microsoft office auto updates — stop auto updates… from each PC

Microsoft WINDOWS auto updates — stop auto updates… from each PC.

But remember to do this once a month, manually, click and do

Using Firewall see, what is going to the internet and why… see the traffic and one by one stop every excess traffic

Access Control, and LOG files, who accessed, for how much time, exact time start and end time end etc… can even control people from access at night etc

Security features

no 10

Shift to Oracle Database Licences for your inhouse server. Yes this works. Costs, but it is 100% worth it

Shift to Oracle Cloud on the OCI infra.

details on this page

link 1 : Old option : AWS :

link 2 : Current Best option : Oracle Cloud :

Speed of work will surely improve is the above ideas are implemented

Thank you.

More Resources

System Audit And Reconciliations

10 things you can do to conserve Internet bandwidth

Contact us on 9015220220

Finsys ERP internet bandwidth issues, How to increase the internet for ERP, speed of ERP access. How to solve ?

Better Internet Speeds… for Finsys ERP.. Bandwidth, speed problems solutions

Backup Methods for Finsys ERP : Recommendations May 2023


Backup for Finsys ERP Database


Finsys is Proud to Associated with Oracle. We use only Oracle as our Database.

In this page, we are discussing the Oracle Backup policies , as we implement for our Finsys ERP customers.

Automatic Backup, – If you have an “On Premises ” server ….. Then, This must be set up, and must be set to “daily”, and frequency must be 1 or 2 times.

Same for situation in case of Window based servers from AWS or E2E networks

In case of on premise server, you have the advantage of controlled backup

So, you must do a Manual “One click” backup also, apart from the auto backup.

This is recommended at least, once in three days. It takes between 1 minute to 10 minutes depending on server speed , data size etc. This “One Click backup” is optional, but we Strongly recommend it.

Some companies do it 3 times a day, that is even safer… subject to if you can do that.


Action required :

Check regularly, whether Backup size is increasing gradually, every day ?

Check regularly, whether Backup is fit to be installed in case of a “need” due to any reason ? You may set up a UAT Server to do this once a month.


Disaster Recovery / DR Site.

We Strongly recommend you to keep the Backup at a second location.

Option 1 : Your Google Drive = Auto Sync can be enabled.

Option 2 : Manual drag and Drop, Google Drive.

( Simple and needs no special knowledge or effort )

Option 3 : Your any other computer at any other location, say home of MD, Corporate office in another city, another building, or Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox etc.



Data Mirroring ( if using in-house server)

This is an Add-on Facility. This is available in the High end Version of Oracle. This is called Oracle Enterprise edition. This is quite costly solution. Hence, if your Turnover is over USD 15 Million Dollars, or in Indian Terms Rs 100 Crores or more, then do consider this solution.

You may contact Finsys ERP team for this upgrade and better prices than in the open market from third party software resellers. We are able to give a good price due to being “Oracle Gold Partner”. ..

But very rarely customers use this…

Not really required, if you have Cloud server with Oracle for database



E2E Networks : Finsys Preferred Cloud Solution Provider for Customers in India


#How to Backup Finsys ERP Data, Disaster recovery, Mirroring, Cloud backup, Google Drive, Oracle Cloud, AWS, e2e network

Best Combination currently

Detailed analysis of recent situation based on the higher than normal bills from AWS is on this link below  ( recommendation-dt-may-2023 )