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New Small Softwares from Finsys to help in Digitalisation

Scanned Financial Voucher uploading and Approvals, CRM- Enquiry, CRM Quotation and RFQ Modules ++



Scanned Financial Voucher And additional documents


    1. Flow Chart / Concept paper:

      • Upload the Vendor bill with the MRR / Purchase voucher
      • Keep in server
      • Record for future.
      • Want multiple PDF / files to be uploading by user. like
        • Transporter GR
        • Internal Weigh Slip
        • Kanta slip
        • E Way bill
        • Inspection Report
      • Access……is easy via single click and single PDF
      • Decision = single upload only, and that single PDF will contain all the attachments, mutilple page PDF
      • Po ? it is already there
    2. Financial charge for this
      1. Contact Finsys Marketing Team

Approval of Voucher for Trial Balance


  1. Flow Chart / Concept
    1. All Accounting vouchers will follow a “Maker” and “Approver” approach.
    2. The Maker will only enter the voucher.
    3. The Head of Department or a Senior will “Approve” Them.
    4. No need of Approval Matrix.


  1. Notes on Printout of Voucher
    1. Method 1: Voucher cannot be printed till it is approved: so that only the approved voucher is printed.
    2. Method 2: Only a Draft Voucher is printed till it is approved


  1. Other notes
    1. Voucher shall not hit the Trial Balance / Profit and Loss / Balance Sheet / Ledgers / Daybooks until and unless they are approved.
    2. Users and HOD can see which vouchers are pending for approval
    3. All can see, who approved which voucher.
  2. Benefit
    1. Doing work more professionally. Ease of doing work,
    2. Saves mistakes from affecting the Trial Balance/ Books.
  1. Financial charge for this
    1. Contact Finsys Marketing Team


Approval of Voucher for Fit for Payment


  1. Approval Authority to be created
    1. Different departments
      1. The Purchase dept
      2. The Maintenance dept
      3. The Accounts dept
      4. The Logistics dept
      5. And so on
  1. Fit for payment – at Operational Head Level
    1. Focus : The department concerned will do online approval
    2. Exception : Sometimes two could be involved. Example : Maintenance work in the Stores dept’s furniture. But, in this phase of Software development, Only one dept approval will be online.
    3. Facility to add comments ?
  1. Fit for payment Management – at Directors/ Founders Level
    1. After the Department approval.
    2. The Director will also approve.
    3. Facility to add comments ?
  2. Lock
    1. No payment if the vendor’s bill is not “fit for payment”
  1. Financial charge for this
    1. Contact Finsys Marketing Team

Module for Proposal / Request for payment online

  1. Level 1 : Request

    1. Different users will login online
    2. See the current outstanding bill wise of their concerned parties
    3. Their “passed bills, fit for payment” are visible to them
    4. And
    5. They will do a online request…. For payment
    6. Instead of manually currently
    7. Connected Summary reports to be given, totals also
  2. Level 2 : Approved

    1. Finance / Directors will login online
    2. Based on the money in bank,
    3. They will do an online approval of the request…. For payment.
    4. Instead of manually currently.
    5. Connected Summary reports to be given, totals also
  3. Lock

    1. No payment if the vendor’s bill is not “Request for payment”


  1. Contacts management for Enquiry Management

    1. Marketing person gets connected to his customers only
    2. Reports of his
    3. Contact details are saved.


  1. Bulk Mailing

    1. Database for that purposes.
    2. Shooting of mail, via the bulk mail softwares taken separately by you.


  1. Pre Sales Part 1:- Enquiry Management

    1. Lead Generation and Recording System
    2. Follow-up of Prospects
    3. Stages like
      1. Initial query
      2. Quote sent
      3. Sample sent
      4. Sample in QC there
      5. Price second quote
      6. Their visit to uS
      7. Our visit to them
      8. Anything , any step till we get the order
      9. Or lost the order
  1. Auto Data creation of Enquiries
  2. Auto Mail Reminder for Follow-ups
  3. Connected Reports of Enquiry Module


  1. Pre Sales Part 4 : – Formal “Quotation” / Proposal Management

    1. Quotation Management – 1 page Quotation, without technical specs
    2. Its approval
    3. Its Revisions
    4. Its Linking with the Sales Order Receipt
    5. With facility to attach technical files in any format


  1. Level 2 : Approved

    1. Finance / Directors will login online
    2. They will do an online approval of the QUOTATION / PROPOSAL BEFORE IT SENT TO THE CUSTOMER….
    3. Instead of manually currently.
    4. Connected Summary reports to be given





  1. Make Provision for this
  2. so that it is not LOST , Later on
  3. Rate Contract
  4. Non Disclosure agreements
  5. Quality Plans
  6. Cost Sheets
  7. Solution in Digitisation ?
    1. Upload in the ERP
    2. For future filing and Safety.




  1. Master Bulk Sales order
    1. New orders will be based on master bulk Sales order
    2. Price is freezed
    3. Freight is freezed
    4. Taxes are freezed
    5. Credit terms
    6. Even item you shall sell to them are freezed
  2. Benefit
    1. Reduces risk of mistaken Price or Mistaken item
  3. Financial charge for this : Contact Finsys Marketing Team


Credit Limit : More strong . Allow for one time change in Days/ Leniency ?

  1. Grace period concept
    1. To change
  2. Benefit
    1. Reduces risk of permanent increase in credit limit
  3. Financial charge for this
    1. Contact Finsys Marketing Team




  1. Scope of work
    1. Title: Outstanding Management system.
    2. Here the focus is for collecting more payments
    3. Works on laptops/Mac/Computers via the browser too
    4. Employee wise
      1. Enter the customer wise monthly target – How much to collect ?
      2. Target vs actual report.
    5. Record whether contacted customer or not ?
    6. How many times ?
    7. What did customer say each time (alibi’s, Reasons, Commitments)
    8. Entry of follow ups with voice attachment option
    9. It will create a log list of customer follow up
    10. When is the collection expected ? Based on the date given in English.
    11. Sending the payment reminder letter on the fly.
    12. Few Reports are given to check log list
      1. Client wise
      2. client wise
      3. person wise
  1. Exclusion : any calendar linkages. Or calculations for funds flow week wise.
  1. Benefits
    1. Better collaboration between sales team accounts team and collection team
    2. Better transparency with the customer on what his staff is telling us.
    3. Monitor what your collection Department is doing ?
    4. Who called which customer ? and when ?
    5. What did the customer promise about next payment ?
    6. Monthly Summary of Followup’s = Customer wise History, makes is easy to explain
    7. the extent of followup, you have already done.
    8. Daily Summary = Own Employee wise Daily Report of Followup, Auto Email.
  2. Notes
    1. Recording of follow-up ( manual entry of Communication on phone and email and whatsapp / visits ), and its automatic email at day end.
    2. Day end email of all follow-up’s to the Finance Head and Sales Head of what followup done for your party and what customer said / behaved.
    3. Report of which customer was followed up, and how many times ?
    4. Customer payment reminder letter ( Click and shoot email )
    5. Customer online statement of account ( Click and shoot email )
    6. Customer Balance Confirmation letter ( Click and shoot email )
    7. Next Reminder Date ?
  3. Financial charge for this
    1. Contact Finsys Marketing Team

Module for Target Vs Actual …. Sales quantity / value


  1. Marketing person wise

    1. Report shown as below
    2. Customer wise / Salesman wise / Product subgroup wise
    3. Reporting system to be implemented

Queries :

  • Can we have this Module alone, without  whole Finsys ERP ? Yes

  • Will this be hosted on Cloud or local server ? Both facilities are available. As you shall desire

  • Can this be used via the Mobille phone screen ? Yes, Many of these features are Mobile Based

  • I purchased Finsys ERP in 2006, Can I upgrade to all these ? Yes, you can. Welcome.

  • How many days are required to implement these ? most of these are ready to use. and can be delivered as “ready to use” within 7 days. However, complete handholding sometimes takes more time.

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