ESI contribution rate reduced from 6.5% to 4%

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ESI contribution rate reduced from 6.5% to 4%

First time in 22 years. Another Statutory change. Update your Finsys ERP in the last week of June 2019.

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The government on June 13 cut the rate of contribution under the Employees’ State Insurance Act (ESI Act) to 4 percent from 6.5 percent. The first reduction in 22 years will be effective July 1.

With this reduction, the employers’ contribution to the ESI Act has been reduced to 3.25 percent from 4.75 percent and the employees’ contribution has been reduced to 0.75 percent from 1.75 percent. According to a release, the reduced rates will be effective from July 1.

The move is expected to benefit 3.6 crore employees and 12.85 lakh employers. The reduced rate of contribution is expected to facilitate further enrollment of workers under the ESI scheme and bring more of the workforce into the formal sector.

The note also stated that a reduction in the share of contribution of employers is expected to enhance the ease of doing business and improved compliance of the law.

Good for you, Good for your employee.

Good to control the CTC ( Cost to the company )

Finsys at your service

PPT or Video Manual for this shall be hosted on the site shortly

Reel Return Bluetooth printer connected to Android Phone

Fork lift operator can Scan the End Reel via his Phone. Enter the weight on his Phone screen. Press OK and Press Print. That is all.


Reel Return via Bluetooth printer connected to your Android Phone

  • Congratulations for this innovation in the Corrugation Industry

Many Corrugation and Duplex Manufacturing Friends, were facing a problem. how to put the new TAG on the “End-Reel”./ Bit Reel.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Thanks to the idea of Mr Abhishek Kapoor of Meghdoot Packaging, we have done the Research and Development on this need. And the joint team is now Successful.

Now the fork lift operator can simply hook this to his trouser’s belt. and Scan the End Reel. Note its weight on his Phone screen. Press OK and Press Print. That is all. ….. The Reel Return sticker will be printed on the Bluetooth printer connected to Android Phone

Suggested Link to buy this Printer on AMAZON

Epson TM-P20 Direct Thermal Printer – Monochrome – Portable – Receipt Print

by Epson
  • Best for Finsys ERP
  • 58mm Sticker Stationery
  • Connects via Bluetooth, to Android Phone… Finsys Android App
  • Operational battery life (of up to 8 hours)
  • for ultra compact printers
  • from Epson


Trade Marks : All Trade Marks like Amazon, Android, Epson, Meghdoot Packaging etc are the property of their Respected owners

User Rights Control And User Rights Approval System

Option for User Rights “Approval” in Finsys

alert of finsys User not approved
alert of finsys User not approved

Benefit and advantages of switching this ON, in Finsys ERP :

No unauthorised user in the ERP database.  And You know that..
  1. Who can Access what / See what  ?
  2. who can Edit what ? and who cannot ?
  3. Who can delete what and who is not authorised to ?
  4. Who can enter which Software Modules ?

In this AGE of Data & Information and its importance, this is a Good Control.

  • We Credit this ERP control to the idea of SAR Coatings LLP and its MD, Mr Rajeev Joshi,
  • SAR Coatings LLP is a Green Field Project established in the year 2016, Gurgaon. SAR, as a company, are keen to provide CED coating & Alkaline Trivalent Zinc plating services.It’s a matter of pride to announce that M/s MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED has nominated SAR Coatings LLP as a Potential Supplier for Zinc Plating for  all their Tier 1 , 2 and & 3 Suppliers. First such resource in India.

MIS Reports – Packaging

Sub : Suggested MIS Reports for Daily Circulation ( Packaging Business )

for non Packaging Business – Click here

In today’s world, creating Systems and Following Systems is becoming more and more important. As a part of the initiative to make our Finsys Patrons even more Systematic, we present to you our SoP ( Standard Operating Procedure ) for the Reports that must be circulated in a Standard Finsys ERP Implemented company.

Some of our clients have done this and are happy with the results.

Hence sharing the same with you.


Notes :

  • If you are already using these, then great. If you are not, please start, our Finsys team members will love to train your people on these.
  • These may be started either all in 1 go, or step by step.
  • You may add some more daily Reports from the Finsys ERP, as per your convenience.



Industry Segment : Packaging – Corrugation Industry

We are making efforts to see that these start in every company.  The benefits are attached.


MD / CEO / Plant head must get Every day

  1. Executive summary of all SO, PO, MRR and Invoices for the day
  2. Pending Sales order Register
  3. Pending Purchase Order Register
  4. Snapshot Report of Collection and Payments

MD / CEO / Plant head must get Every WEEK – Specific Day


  1. Stock Report – Paper Reels – 1 page summary – Reels and Ton in hand
  2. Stock Report – Paper Reels –Reels wise with Ageing 30-60-90 days columns
  3. Bit Reel Report
  4. Reels older than 90 days Report
  5. Stock Report – Paper Reels – Closing Stock value ( to management only )



  1. Stock Report – Ink and Adhesive MTD with value – 4 colm
  2. Stock Report – Repair and Maintenance Items MTD with value – 4 colm
  3. All Items below Minimum level
  4. All Items below Reorder level
  5. All items above Maximum level


Benefits of These Stores Reports

  1. Control of the situation
  2. Know who is entering data and who is not
  3. Know stock position LIVE ( almost live)
  4. All people are automatically understand the importance of entering the data live / almost live, since MD will see daily. And MD will rely on them.
  5. Issue entries are missed in some companies for some groups… will be done, since seen. ( Example Spare Parts and Consumables )
  6. Stock out position happens in repair items / many items. Since people do not remember to buy in time. This will be prevented if the Minimum levels and Reorder Levels are set + Reports daily monitored




  1. Debtors Outstanding Report – any 1 out of over 10 formats available – as of end of last week
  2. Creditors outstanding Report – any 1 out of over 10 formats available
  3. Staff Advance Account Trial Balance and Ledger email to MD
  4. Imprest Account Trial Balance and Ledger email to MD
  5. Debtors with Credit Balance ( Advances received ) – YTD date selection
  6. Creditors with Debit Balance ( Advances received ) – YTD date selection
  7. Non-moving Accounts
  8. Cash Flow of this month ( Cash only )
  9. Funds Flow of this month ( Cash+All Banks) ( All Sources)



  1. Customer wise Sales Report = any 1 format
  2. Finished Product wise Sales Report = any 1 format
  3. Schedule vs Actual // Sale order vs Actual Report = any 1 format
  4. FG stock in hand report with value – preferably 4 colm ( Year start to date )


EVERY FRIDAY :  Purchase

  1. Pending Purchase Requisitions ( Indents ) == PR made, and not approved
  2. Pending Purchase Requisitions ( Indents ) == PR approved and Po not made
  3. Pending Purchase Order == PO made, and not approved
  4. Pending Purchase Order == PO approved but material not received – any 1 format
  5. Purchase Schedule vs Actual Report – any 1 format
  6. Vendor Ratings
  7. Purchase Estimate for ROL(Reorder level) / MSL( Minimum stock level) items
  8. Delivery Date based report = Committed delivery date in PO vs actual date ( XLS report)
  9. Any 1 Rate Comparison Report
  10. Shipments received late ( after 5 pm) … if your stores works in main shift only.. people who make your stores people stay back late, lead to risk in Qnty check /Quality check



This area is as per your ERP configuration.

This list may be modified as relevant to you


ERP Software For Corrugation & Corrugated BoxesFinsys ERP is one of the best selling ERP Softwares for Corrugated Box(Packaging)duplex box folded cartons ERP software

For Packaging Plants

  1. Daily Production Report ( DPR )
  2. Down Time Report with reasons
  3. Wastage Report with Reasons
  4. Material Requirement Planning for this (balance) month, and for next month.
  5. Job Cards floating on the Production floor for more than 10 days, and not yet closed.
  6. Job Cards open , and not yet scheduled on any machine
  7. Job Cards with excess loss due to Ups / Paper allocation . ( duplex only )
  8. Monthly Tonnage Report = Tons produced each day ( corrugation only )
  9. Corrugation Output Report = Sq Metres produced & Tons produced ( corr only )
  10.  Backflush Report = Theoratical consumption vs Actual.


Please feel free to revert for any further details/ clarifications required.

Assuring of our best services,  Finsys Infotech Limited team.


p.s. ( Post Script ) Request

We request that Software Changes may please not be asked for in the formats. It will shift the focus from the intended purpose to Kaizen. Kindly enjoy the benefits as such.  For specific Customisation Requests, please feel free to contact our marketing team / Customer Relations Team.


Notes and examples for additional benefits

  1. Stock Report – Paper Reels – 1 page summary – Reels and Ton in hand = total reels in hand, and their kg
  2. Stock Report – Paper Reels –Reels wise with Ageing 30-60-90 days columns = each reel , how many days old, and its kg
  3. Bit Reel Report = only the reels with partially used status, example “: Reel purchased 1000kg, consumed 800kg, balance=200kg .. this is called a bit reel or end reel
  4. Reels older than 90 days Report = too old reel, to take action to consume, else will get dilapidated
  5. Stock Report – Paper Reels – Closing Stock value ( to management only ) = value of the stock in hand, reels only.

Checklist of ERP Start … Are you ready for Successful start of the ERP

Checklist of ERP Start … Are you ready for Successful start of the ERP

Formats , Excel, Training Kits, ERP Health Checkups

S No Criterion
(detailed work to be done and certified OK)
Sales orders & Invoicing
Sale order being entered?
Invoices being made ?
Invoice already started to sent to customer ( ask on phone )
TCS linking done ?
Accounts linking done ? In Control Panel
Export Invoice . Is in PO ? Ready to us ? Only if it is in PO
SEZ Invoice ? Ready to use ?
No stock , no invoice, lock is working fine ?
Opening Sales orders as on 1-4-2019 … ready ? Planned ? If current is working, then automatically, that day will also be ok
Purchase Orders
Indent being entered ?
Indent being approved ?
User Dept are making indent or all made by Purchase only
Purchase Order – making or not ?
Purchase Order – sending to vendor or not ?
Approval of purchase Order – by Plant head / Director ? Or not ?
People have made at least 50 actual PO and checked the results
At least 75% of the MRR are being made in “MRR Against PO option” ?
Opening Delivery Challans / RGP
all RGP already sent to some job worker , for which material is expected to come after 1.4.2019, are they in the ERP ?
How to see the OSP Report ( Out side party – pending report ) ?
Gate Entry Module
Computer put on Main Materials Gate ?, if not Why ?
Guard / Material stores person posted there, knows Finsys now ?
Gate Entry – done 50 actual entries , tested ok ?
Main Stores
MRR – done 50 actual entries , tested ok ?
Issue Entries
RGP – Delivery Challans being made ?
MRR against RGP
Closing stock report has items with zero value ?
Effective date for stock is ?
Freeze date of stock is ?
Rolling freeze date of stock is ?
Minimum levels are entered for how many items ?
Maximum levels are entered for how many items ?
Reorder levels are entered for how many items ?
Quality Inwards – Main material in ERP
QC inward is set is compulsory ?
QC is being done ? When last ?
Quality Inwards – Engineering Stores / other material in ERP
QC inward is set is compulsory ? for these also
QC is being done ? When last ?
Quality Outwards
Being done ?
Production Entry – Basic module ( for phase 1 clients )
Being done ?
With WIP or direct ?
Accounts. – Entry done in following ?
Receipt of Money – cash or bank
Payment of Money – cash or bank
Journal vouchers  (30 series )
Purchase Voucher passing in ERP (50 series)
Service Purchase Voucher passing in ERP  (51 series)
57 series ?
5A series ?
5B series ?
58 series ?
31 series
32 series ?
User Rights
how many users have ABCD as password ?
How many people have admin rights ?
Taking backup ? See
Google Drive for Backup being used ?

13 : Daily & Weekly MIS Reports started ? ( see link for Finsys Recommended Reports to be seen by you and your Top team daily )

Model 1 : checklist of all businesses ( except Packaging )
Model 2 : Checklist for Packaging – Corrugation, Duplex, Flexible, Stationery, Commercial


Download section

Same text in a user friendly excel format, pls download

Checklist–Year Start – ( all modules)( click to download )


Click here to give your Feedback to the Finsys Team. We will love to hear your views,  both positive and negative, …. How we can make ourselves better. ? Looking forward …. Click here for the Feedback Form

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