Manuals – FAQ – Finsys Accounts module – FAQ Part Two

FAQ Part 2

Manuals and Tips for the Accounts and Finance Module of Finsys ERP

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This is the Second List

FAQ 1: We Have Created An Account Twice In Party Master, How Can We Rectify It.

ANS 1:   This Can Be Rectified By Using Club Similar Accounts In To One In Accounts Clubbing Routine In Master Files Of Finance Module.


FAQ 2: How To Remove Authorized Signatory From Cheque Printing.

ANS 2: Use Cheque Settings Option Available In The Third Tab Of Payment Voucher Type Master Of Respective Bank In Master Files In Finance Module.


FAQ 3: We Want To Remove A Voucher Without Disturbing The Number Series.

ANS 3: This Can Be Done Thru Block/Cancel Voucher, Voucher Will Remain In The ERP But It’s Impact Will Be Zero In The Books.


FAQ 4: We Want To Refrain/Hold  A Supplier’s Bill From Making The Payment .

ANS 4: Look Out For Hold Payment Option In Purchase Voucher And Enter ‘Y’ In It, This Is Will Stop This Bill To Be Seen While Making The Payments.


FAQ 5: We Have Opened Secured Loan Ledger Account In Unsecured Loan, Do We Have To Delete The Ledger And Create Again.

ANS 5: No, Use Account Clubbing For Changing The Group From Unsecured  To Secured.


FAQ 6: How To Change Financial Years In Finsys ERP.

ANS 6: Look For Year Button In Bottom Left Side Of Your Screen Just Below The Branch Button. Keyboard Shortcut For This Is ‘Alt’+’Y’ Pressed Together.


FAQ 7: How Can I Change The Plant Or Unit To Work In It.

ANS 7: Click On The Branch Button In Bottom Left Of Your Screen In Finsys And Select The Desired Branch/Plant/Unit.


FAQ 8: I Am Unable To Make Changes In Any Existing Voucher.

ANS 8: You Might Not Have The Rights/Permission For Doing So, Contact Your ERP Administrator.


FAQ 9: I Want To Make Pdf Of The Reports Or Vouchers For Mailing Purpose.

ANS 9: Install Third Party Pdf Writer/Printer Software, Select It For Making The Pdf On Preview Page.


FAQ 10: Cheque Name To Be Printed On The Cheque Is Different From The Party Name/Ledger Account.

ANS 10: Use Cheque Alias Master In Master Files. Open The Name To Be Printed On Cheque Here And Select It In The Payment Voucher.



FAQ 11: We Have Started Doing Work For Dubai Based Customer, How To Open Its Currency In Finsys.

ANS 11: Select Currency Master In The Master Files Of Finance Module And Open The Desired Currency.


FAQ 12: We Are Multi Plants Company, Can We See Multi Plant Trial Balance.

ANS 12: Yes You Can, Select Multi Firm Trial Balance Option Available In The Reports – Final Results Section.


FAQ 13: We Want To Open GST Ledgers Tax Wise Like CGST12%, CGST18%, Is It Possible In Finsys.

ANS 13: There Is No Need For This. Only Single Account For Respective GST Ledger Should Be Opened In Finsys As We Have Tax Percent Wise Summary Integrated In The System.


FAQ 14: We Have Two Invoices One From The Supplier And Other From Customs For An Import Shipment, Which One Is To Be Punched In The System.

ANS 14: Gate Entry, Mrr, Purchase Voucher Will Have The Reference Of Supplier’s Invoice Copy In Them. Custom Invoice Will Be Used For Entering The Imports Taxable Value In Purchase Voucher.


FAQ 15: We Have Entered Wrong Supplier Invoice No In A Mrr Which Is Cleared By Quality Also. Should We Edit The Mrr For Correction And Do The Quality Again.

ANS 15: It Is Sensitive Area, Kindly Contact Your ERP Administrator Or Call Finsys Support @ 9015220220.


FAQ 16: How To Transfer The Statement Of Account In Excel.

ANS 16: Press ‘Ctrl’+’E’ Together On Your Keyboard After Opening The Report On Screen. This Works For All Printable Reports In Finsys ERP.


FAQ 17: We Want To See Month Wise Details Of A Ledgers Only On Screen For Analysis.

ANS 17: Look Out For Detailed Statement Icon In Reports Section Of Finance Module. This Is Drill Down Report So By Pressing The ‘Enter’ On A Row Provide You The Access Further Into It Up To The Voucher Level.


FAQ 18: I Am Unable To Delete A Voucher Which Is Entered Wrongly.

And 18: Check With Your ERP Administrator For Deletion Rights Although We Strictly Not Recommend Deleting A Voucher Instead Use Block/Cancel Voucher.


FAQ 19: We Want To See The Details Of Cheques Issued By Our Company.

ANS 19: Select Cheque Issue Register in The Day Books Section In Reports. You Can See The Details Voucher Date Wise, Cheque Date Wise Or Entry Date Wise.

FAQ 20: What Is The Difference In Between Cash Book And Cash Day Book.

ANS 20: Cash Book Shows The Accounts Ledgers Debited Or Credited Against It For Given Period Of Time And Cash Day Book Displays The Accounting Voucher As Whole.



FAQ 21: What Is ‘RCM’ Stands For.

ANS 21: Reverse Charge Mechanism; Finsys Has A Separate Utility For These Kinds Of Vouchers. Use It As Per Government Notifications.


FAQ 22: What Is the Difference between General Debit Note and GST Debit Note.

ANS 22: General Debit Note Is Book Reconciling Entry with GST Credit Note Given To You By Your Supplier (Also Called Vendor Debit Note) Whereas GST Debit Note /Credit Note Is A Voucher Raised By You To Send It To Your Customer.


FAQ 23: We Want To Know The Details Of Goods /Services Purchased By Us For Return Filing Purpose.

ANS 23: Use GST Class Wise Data In GST Checking 5th Tab (Job work / Others). It Is Based On The GST Class Selected At Time Of Voucher Entry.


FAQ 24: Do You Have Job Worker’s Incoming Outgoing Details for Return Purpose.

ANS 24: Yes, Check Out Itc-04 Report In GST Checking 5th Tab (Job work / Others).


FAQ 25: How To Correct GST Classification Without Editing The Voucher Again.

ANS 25: Go To GST Checking 4th Tab (Data Update Opts) And Look For GST Vouchers :: Classification Update.


FAQ 26: We Want To See The Value Of Mrrs Which Are Yet To Be Punched In Finsys ERP.

ANS 26: Select ‘Mrr Passing Register’ In Voucher Entry Section. Multiple Report Options Are Available Here :: With Value, W/O Value, Etc.


FAQ 27: Our Hod Wants To See The Invoice Copies Of Suppliers Along With Vouchers In Finsys ERP, Is It Possible.

ANS 27: Yes, We Have Bill Attachment Facility. Check In Your ERP Administrator If It Is In Your Contract Or Reach Out To Finsys Team.


FAQ 28: My System Shows Error While Clicking On GST Module Icon And Shuts Down The Finsys ERP.

ANS 28: Update The Webtel Picture In The Pics Sub-Folder In Finsys Main Folder In Program Files.


FAQ 29: We Want To Prepare GST Returns From Finsys ERP. How To Do It.

ANS 29: Finsys ERP Provides Supporting Files (In Excel Also) For Return Purposes. Integrate For Making Complete Return From Finsys And Upload On The Portal.


FAQ 30: How To Open New HSN/SAC Code Or Correct  Existing Code.

ANS 30:  Go To GST Module And Look For GST Rate Master. Here You Can Open New Codes And Can Correct The Existing Codes Also.



FAQ 31: Kindly Update Our Terms And Conditions In Invoice Printout.

ANS 31: We Have DIY (Do It Yourself) Routine Designed For This Purpose. You Can Update Terms & Conditions For Invoice, PO, SO Etc.


FAQ 32: Our Management Has Decided To Implement Voucher Approval System. Please Provide ASAP.

ANS 32: First Check It with Your ERP Administrator whether It has been Included In your Package. If Yes, Reach Finsys Implementation   or Support Team, If Not Contact


FAQ 33: Is It Possible Attach Digital Signature On Invoices.

ANS 33: Yes, Finsys ERP Has The Facility To Integrate Your Digital Signature With Multiple Documents Like Invoices, Debit/Credit Notes, Purchase/Sales Orders, etc.


FAQ 34: How To View Complete List Of Accounts Ledgers.

ANS 34: Click On List Button Provided Inside The Party/Account Master.


FAQ 35: Do Finsys ERP Has E-WAY Bill Generation Facility.

ANS 35: Yes, If You Have Integrated Webtel With Finsys, You Can Generate E-WAY Bill Live, Else Finsys ERP Provides You JSON File.


FAQ 36: We Have Taken Online Payment Advice Facility, Where Should We Update Supplier’s Email Address.

ANS 36: Update The Same In The Account Master, “Email (1)” Field. If You Do Not Have Rights To The Master Files, Contact Your Administrator.


FAQ 37: Can I deduct TDS On The Service Purchase Voucher At The Time Of Booking.

ANS 37:Yes You Can, TDS Percentage And TDS Account Should Be Linked With The Party In The Masters.


FAQ 38: I Have To Prepare TDS Return, Kindly Help.

And 38: Select E TDS Preparation In TDS Management Section for supporting data of Return. Contact Our Support Team For Video Manuals.


FAQ 39: Your Ageing For Receivables Is Not According To My Need. Kindly Change It

ANS 39: Watch Out For “MIS Receivables” In Receivables & Payable Section. Ist Tab Of This Routine Has  More Than 25 Reports Especially For Receivables. Still You Want Change, Contact


FAQ 40: We Have To Send SME Letters To Our Parties, It is Very Difficult For Us To Enter All The Details Manually.

ANS 40: Relax, We have SME Letter built In The Finsys ERP. Just Select The Party And The Letter Is Ready For You To send.


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