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Instruction Manuals : Finsys ERP Usage

How to use Finsys ? You can use these manuals to train yourself. Our team is always there to help you.

Manual : Accounts And Finance

How to use Finsys ? Finance Module — upto Bank Reconciliation, and review of Balance Sheet and P & L Account

Note = The Financial Accounts Module is quite similar for any kind of business. Whether your company makes anything from Rubber Auto Components, to large EOT Cranes and hoists, Printing Machines to Valves for Oil/Gas Energy sector; Food packaging to Potato Chips

So, you can use these manuals to irrespective of the specific business you are in.

CLICK HERE To See Some Financial Accounting Manuals

Chain Of Activities

1 Finsys Chain 1 Demo For Customer PO, Schedule (Customer Order Booking)
2 Finsys Chain 2 Demo For MRP Based On Sales Schedule (Calculate How Much Material We Must Buy)
3 Finsys Chain 3 _ PR : Purchase Requisition System (Online PR With Online Approval)
4 Finsys Chain 4 _ PO And Online PO Approval
5 Finsys Chain 5 _ Gate Entry, GRN (Goods Entry At Gate)
6 Finsys Chain 6 _ Quality +Store Issue (Approval Of Quality)
7 Finsys Chain 7 _sales Order,Invoice (Sales Invoice – Excisable)
8 Finsys Chain 8 – Marketing Reports (Various MIS Reports)
9 13 Sales Order And Invoice Inter Unit (Special Case)
10 14 Sales Inter Unit Of Raw Material (Special Case)
11 15 Production —- Across Many Stages (WIP Management)
12 16 Quality —- Final Stages
13 Full Purchase Cycle In 44 Pages From Purchase Indent, To PO, To MRR To QC, To Purchase Voucher And Then Its Purchase Return Invoice
14 19 Sales Return Cycle _24 Slides Chain
15 Mini Purchase Return Invoice Only, 5 Page File
  • Manual : Auto ComponentsWork and process flow cycles for Auto Components Industry
  • Manual : Packaging and Printing Industry Work & process flow cycles for Corrugation, Packaging, Lami Tubes, Aluminimum Tubes, Duplex printing, Commercial Printing Industry
  • Manual : Video’s (Finance, Payroll) See the Video of the Training manuals for Finance, Payroll and other modules
  • Others

Manual : Payroll

For Downloading the Screen shots of the software click the button below

1 Payroll – Basics
2 How_to_enter_Days_attendance–Method_1,2,3.Doc
3 Advance_pay.Doc
4 Pay_reports_with_ESI&Amp;PF–1(Ok).Doc
6 Some_more_Good_Reports–3_(Ok).Doc

NEW Information about Automatic Entry of the Staff/Worker Attendance into the ERP Payroll/HR Package ( via Punch Card / Sensor Card Machines)

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  • Closing stock entries
  • Bar code trace-ability
  • ERP for Labels Industry
  • HDFC NEFT RTGS Cheque File upload
  • Live SALES/COLLECTION Tracking
  • Stock Turnover Ratio
  • COST CENTRE Wise P&L Account
  • BAR CODES Tracing in Sheet Metals Industry
  • Back Flush Report / Theoretical vs Actual Consumption
  • Bins and Trolleys to Customers
  • Item Wise Stage Mapping for Corrugation Industry
  • Item Master Grouping for Consumables
  • BAR CODE TRACING For Corrugation Industry