ERP for Auto Components

We are working with over 550 factories across India, Asia, and Africa, for all Modules from Purchase, to Sales, to Accounts, to Quality inwards, to Gate, to Visitor movement, to Moulding Production, Assembly, Extrusion, PDI.. Packaging and so on.

The Back Flush Reports,

the Material requirement Planning

The Cavities, Moulds, Family Moulds, the PPM, the OEE, the Tool Change Time and so on are the part of our ERP Trajectory.

Plastic Moulding ERP Software Finsys

Stage to follow in Production Module

for Plastic Moulding Industry : Model 1

  • Create “Bill of material” for finished goods and Semi finished which is link in FGS ( Finished Goods Stores)
  • Machine sections :- like (moulding, painting, assembly)
  • Mould master (for mould life)
  • Machine master (link item with mould, cavity and shot/hour)
  • Down time reason section wise
  • Rejection reason section wise
  • WIP stages which we follow in production routine
  • Production user raise a work order of moulding item for production
  • Automatically material requirement planning is generated for that work order
  • Store user will make a store issue against this work order
  • Store issued material is shown in WIP stock
  • Moulding production entry of FG item (if is only saved if there is stock in WIP)
  • QC = In process QC Inspection of that FG item for WIP stock
  • WIP stock is generated in moulding stage
  • In case this item is Directly “Mould” to “sold
  • FGS stock is generated in PDI
  • Production finish entry for stock generation

Plastic Moulding ERP Software Finsys

From injection and extrusion moulding to thermoforming, Finsys ERP Software can address the needs of your business. It is a fully integrated manufacturing management, accounting, Production, PPC,  and customer relationship management all in one system.

Features and Benefits of Finsys ERP

The ERP System made for Indian Conditions. ERP Made by Chartered Accountants, and Plastic Engineers, keeping in mind the needs of SME’s. Best of Both Worlds, Easy and Strong. As Easy as an Accounting Package, with Drill Down, As easy as Google to Search, and as easy as the most Robust ERP of the Word.

Time to Train ?  single day for single user for single module. Yes, it works. !

Traceability and Tracking

All goods received can be booked in using a unique MRR coding system. For all finished products, components and raw material involved can all be traced from initial purchase to dispatch.   Finsys even has a Bar Code / QR Code system , which can be integrated from the Input Material to the Master Batch, to the Work in progress, to the Finished goods, and upto the shipment.

Materials Consumption Monitoring

Use Finsys ERP to reconcile the weight difference between the input of raw materials and the subsequent component production, Lumps, RR ( Runners and Risers) and re-grindable or saleable scrap polymer. This allows managers to proactively monitor scrappage levels, set realistic targets and highlight areas where processes need to be improved.

Production Scheduling

Using, Finsys ERP, your Planners can use the production scheduler to manage multi-cavity tooling, work schedules, labour, setup times and group work orders with ease. Planners will be able to see bottle-necks, create activity centres for specific jobs or tooling method and see available capacity at any given time.

Documentation Storage

Business documentation from manufacturing, tooling specifications and product configurations to packaging requirements, can all be securely stored in Finsys ERP. All communication with external stakeholders can be stored within the integrated CRM feature. This includes emails, faxes, bills of material, sales orders, purchase orders and customer or supplier specifics.

Tooling Controls

Finsys ERP can assist Production Managers with multi-tool management including processes such as blanking-off, enabling the production of multiple product ranges at the same time. The tools lifecycle can be tracked within the system, purchase dates, services and decommissions can all be logged.

Sales Order Processing & Automation

Both Sales Order system and Sales Schedule System are incorporated. All parts and materials costs can be programmed into the ERP system so gross margins can be immediately calculated once a quote is created. EDI processes such as order confirmations, invoices and delivery notes can be automated and sent electronically to the recipient, saving time and resources.

Plastic Moulding ERP Software Finsys