Benefits of Seeing Pending Sales Order Report — DAILY

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Benefits of Seeing Pending Sales Order Report — DAILY

Benefit of Seeing Pending Sales Order Report — DAILY

Pending Sales order Register – YTD

  1. Is this circulated to the management by Email Daily ?
  2. Do you give a Printout, of this to Management Daily/Weekly ?

As per Finsys SOP, this is highly Recommended ( Almost compulsory). 

Why ? See the benefits below.

100% SALES orders will be ENTERED, and in TIME

* No order will be duplicate… since mgmt. will see / get it rectified
* No order will be incomplete…( 9 rows out of 10 entered…. since mgmt. will see / get it rectified
* No order will be Missing… since mgmt. will see / get it rectified
* Short closing of orders will be done regularly….. Suppose order was 15000 kg, shipment done 14992 kg, … 8 kg left… this is not be shipped usually, so, mgmt. will get this closed


Correct SO position

100% invoices will be there

* No invoice will be Duplicate… since mgmt. will see / get it rectified
* No invoice will be incomplete…( 9 rows out of 10 entered) …. since mgmt. will see / get it rectified
* No invoice will be Missing… since mgmt. will see / get it rectified

* Again, Correct SO position

Thus, the Correct SO position, leads to

A) Better Despatch Planning …
B) Don’t miss any schedule
C) Don’t ship in advance, don’t ship in delay, if proper
D) Don’t forget Small Orders…
E) Don’t forget Sample Order (4S Series )
F) Better Production Planning…. Better Purchase planning… Better Manpower planning… Job work planning ( if no capacity )

And thus we Create a Stronger Industry. A Stronger Economy. And, A Stronger India

Come make your company more Efficient, More Economical, More Powerful, More System Driven, More Effective

Use Finsys ERP Properly

Similarly, There are about 50+ such Reports, we have shown on the link below. Each Report is similarly, very powerful, very important.

We suggest you that you must use them .

Make your Business Better and Better

  • Ideas Courtesy : Making Business Better, the Consulting and System Audit Arm of Finsys Infotech Limited

Youtube Video

Fresher Jobs in Faridabad – Software and IT and Marketing

Fresher Jobs in Finsys ERP

Intro :- 

Our Company is in the Mid Size ERP Market for 28 years now.  Implemented at 750+ Careers In Finsysfactories pan-India, and also in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Angola, Congo, USA etc

Vacancies for ERP Implementation Consultants, Engineers, AMC Consultants.

Education :-

Graduation :  Any BE / BTech / BCA / MCA

Careers In Finsys

Computer engineers having B.E or B.Tech or BCA ,MCA or any equivalent degree can become excellent ERP software implementers.

contact us at


Technical Support Centre ( Inbound Call Centre ) .. Team members required

Normal India Time 9 to 6 pm shift. We are looking for people with good Finsys ERP Support knowledge and also good communication skills, for inbound calls, for Technical support.  [[ If you are ready to be learn, you can apply here too ]]

Job Responsibilities :

Your main work will be receiving calls for ERP Software Technical support, and giving them support over internet access (Anydesk / Teamviewer).

Coordinating with the Software Developers, wherever required for back to back support.



ERP Support Consultant  

Job Responsibilities :

  1. Meeting customers Accounts HOD, and Training him
  2. Meeting customers Stores HOD, and Training him
  3. Meeting customers Purchase HOD, and Training him
  4. Meeting customers Sales HOD, and Training him
  5. Meeting customers Production HOD, and Training him
  6. Supporting the customers, technical support calls, and giving them support over phone, internet access (Anydesk / Teamviewer) and visits.

Trainees / Internship


Final year Engineering Students , Final Semester Engineering students can apply on, to see the possibility of joining us. If you are energetic, have will to work, either have

a) will to travel and meet customers across the country, or

b) have will to inclination to work on Android technologies, web technologies.

c) will to handle our customer relationships

d) will to work for our AMC Division

e) Will to work for our Marketing division

Welcome, Hop on !

Contact us