Issue # 10 : How to Expedite Purchase and Stores inwards in any ERP Implementation

We discuss how to Expedite the ERP implementation in this series of Management Lectures

by Making Business Better Team, the Consulting Arm of Finsys Infotech Limited

Topic # 10 – Pending Purchase Orders…..

A. Why this is important ?

a) Daily MIS to the Purchase Head to know what is expected and is in delay ?
b) Daily MIS to the Production Team to know what is expected and is in delay ?
c) Gate entry and MRR are smooth only if Po is existing and 100% Correct
d) Accounts Purchase voucher can be passed only if Po are existing and  100% correct

B. Where are we now ?

Let us have a count today morning from all the affliates
1. How many PO are pending for delivery as on 23-4-2021 , morning
2. Of these how many entered ?
3. Percent
And if the percent is below 50%, then do they need any “short cut”,
And if short cut is accepted, then pls allow us, we will give short cuts’
so that by today evening or tomorrow, if multiple people work together
Purchase orders in hand can be 100% accurate
and LIVE MRR, 100% Live MRR can start from tomorrow / Sunday

C. Target

The target is that I want that Purchase head must get the Pending Purchase order report from the Finsys ERP from the evening of Monday … with cc to Top Management

D. What is required for that

a) Entry of pending PO as on 23-4-2021
b) Entry of MRR of 24 and 25 April 2021
that is all
The target can be accomplished by your company

Reach for the stars, comeon, yes you can do it