Corrugation Machine Entry in Finsys ERP – Main Exe version ( Input-Output Screen option )

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Corrugation Machine Entry in Finsys ERP – Main Exe version ( Input-Output Screen option )

Finsys ERP has 4 variants of Corrugation Entry
a) Main Exe : This input-output screen option as in this video
b) Main Exe – Traditional method without input-output traceability
c) Web Exe
d) Android Phone Exe

The Method (a) is explained in this video
It is very good
a) see it as a boss of people who have to do this
b) See this as a doer yourself
c) see this as a academic. for knowledge of how this industry works

We at Finsys are proud to share our knowledge with you
Come let us make the Corrugation industry one of the most efficient, and digitally awake industry in India, and worldwide

Some of the key points we covered in this video are

jobcard to be created and approval etc is required before this step .. it can be done in just 60 seconds
machine loading , it will reduce your work from 1 hour to 5 minutes too

Corrugation button,
Operator traceability,
Downtime reasons,
rejection reasons,
Material reconciliations,
Reel traceability,
importance of bit reels hisaab etc

fala, core, trim, outer kg, core pipe related weight is also seen

Alert : Server may Crash during Diwali holidays | What to do | What to check | How to Safeguard | Protect & Relax

Wishing Good Health for your Server during the “Long Holidays” for Diwali

( Those with server on the Cloud, may ignore this message. Since Cloud is always “on”)

Friends, This year 2023, we all have a rather long and happy Diwali festivities and also Diwali Holidays. They may extend to between 4 days to 6 days in some companies

Sometimes the Factory “Electricity Generator” is also “switched off”. And this leads to Electricity being switched off for over 2 to 24 hours to the server.

Effective Result : Server improper shutdown. And this may lead to Hard Disk Crash. Effectively your Server may CRASH.

Every year, we get news of server ‘crash’ from around 3 to 6 customers.

Server Crashes during Diwali are encountered usually due to long breakdown of power supply.

Team Finsys Wish you a bright and joyous Diwali.
May your festival of light celebrations be fun, safe, and spiritual.

We also need your kind attention on Backup Policy. Please take action before going to leave.

Question 1 =  Backup taken properly ? , Before going on leave ?
Ans. Must be YES. We strongly recommend this.

Ques 2 = Is your Manual or Auto backup saved offsite ( on google drive) ?

Ans. Must be YES. Note mere external hard disk is not sufficient.

Ques 3 = Are you Saving “Backup” on a Google Drive / One-Drive,  separately other than server ? Is it Working Fine ?

Ans. Must be YES


Ques 4  = Your U.P.S should have capacity of 24 hours ? Is it working fine ?

Ans. Must be YES

Ques 5 = Size of Backup is increasing gradually regularly ? There is no erratic reduction ?

Ans. Must be YES.

Take Precautions and have a Happy Diwali

We wish you the Seasons Greetings and Happiness, and Prosperity, always. We in India love our Diwali festival. Let us enjoy and make our Country and our World Stronger, Happier always.


Prevent server Crash during Diwali holidays Finsys ERP guideline advisory. Links and, and


Going on a Long Diwali Festival Holiday. Before you start your holiday, do these 4 things for server safety and data safety. Finsys Advisory.

Helpline numbers during the holidays : 9015220220 – Dial  1 or 2