Learn from Supra Craft Management — Using Finsys Visitor Management – Supplier of Choice for FMCG

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Learn from Supra Craft Management — Using Finsys Visitor Management – Supplier of Choice for FMCG

Learn from Supra Craft Management —

Using Finsys Visitor Management –

Supplier of Choice for FMCG

First Impression is the Last Impression. And makes a Lasting Effect. Mr Rajesh Bhugra and Mr Karn Bhugra share one simple system which makes their company shine in the eyes of their own customers. They have a clear mandate towards systems. Being system driven, always. Learn from Supra Craft Management — Using Finsys Visitor Management – Supplier of Choice for FMCG.


Nahar Paper Finsys ERP digitisation CII National Environment Award 2022

Nahar Paper Finsys ERP digitisation CII award

So, Congratulations to Nahar Paper and Boards, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

This is surely a matter of Congratulations to a “Finsys ERP using” company… being awarded one of the best of its kind company by CII

Nahar Paper Ludhiana

Kudo’s to Mr Rajneesh Jain and Ms Aashriya Jain , Co Founders, Nahar Paper and Board Mills Pvt Ltd. Ludhiana, (Punjab).

Most Innovative Environment Project Award Winner 2022. Award Ceremony at CII, Hyderabad, National Environment Awards 2022 : 14-9-2022. by Confederation of Indian Industry. CII.

In her presentation at the Award Ceremony, Ms Aashriya also gives credit to Finsys , as a Leading Provider of ERP Software for Corrugation Packaging Industry.

Nahar Papers have digitized their entire supply chain mechanism which helped the organization in smoothening their delivery function.
ERP Software for Corrugation
ERP Software for Corrugation

While concluding her speech, the respected co-founder insisted every business in the corrugation industry to implement ERP systems and digitize their business functions.

Team Finsys ERP solutions wishes their heartiest congratulations to Mr. Rajnish Jain (Managing Director and Founder), Ms. Aashriya Jain (Co-Founder) and the entire team of Nahar Paper & Board Mills Pvt. Ltd, for their successful winning of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) National Award for Best Environmental Practices.

This prestigious company is first in the corrugation industry to be bestowed with this CII award.

The 9th CII National Award is one of the most celebrated and respected award ceremony in the biz-world. It was organized in Hyderabad on 14th September 2022.

Our client Nahar Paper & Board Mills won the award for ‘Best Innovation in Environmental Practices, as inculcated sustainable and eco- friendly manufacturing and supply chain processes in their business.

The honourable co-founder, Ms. Aashriya Jain, presented a speech where she showcased how the company adopted environment friendly methods and it helped them in successfully running their business.

She also gave a special mention to Finsys ERP and the importance of digitization in the corrugation industry.

During her speech, there were many key points mentioned regarding the operation of the awarded company. These are mentioned as under –

  • Used CNG trucks for promoting green transportation
  • Recycled 5 tons of paper in reel packaging
  • Avoided hazardous materials like lead, nickel etc. during production. This helped the company in reducing inventory holding by 13%.
  • Devised shorter delivery routes that helped them in saving 16,980 litres of diesel

The management of the company felt the need of implementing an ERP system for the purpose of avoiding duplication of work and reducing inaccuracy in reporting.

This is where Finsys ERP comes in to play a significant role in providing a helping hand to Nahar Paper & Board Mills for achieving their mission.

Ms. Jain narrated her productive journey with Finsys ERP system.

She highlighted how Finsys helped the company in reducing over-stocking by 33%.

She also stated that data accuracy in the company increased by 98% after the implementation of Finsys ERP system.

The key point highlighted by Ms. Jain was the importance of ERP systems for a manufacturing entity as she mentioned how ERPs provide a systematic platform for every business function.

Watch this video, how a positive mind, a positive family, a Father Daughter duo can make such a big difference in the Environment around us. They have shown the path, let us all walk that path. Yes, CII also feels, that the path is worth emulation.

Contact and Congratulate the Champions at http://www.naharpaperboard.com/

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