ERP for Forging Industry

For years mid-sized manufacturers have had to choose between a robust, 
experienced ERP system and a system with the industry-specific functionality that they needed. FINSYS ERP has an answer to this problem. FINSYS, used by many companies PAN India, now contains specializations specifically designed for forging and Press shop companies. In addition, FINSYS has decades of experience implementing manufacturing systems for this industry.

Features Offered :

  • Sophisticated Planning and Scheduling
  • Capable of handling multiple items going through heat treat or other operations together.
  • Visibility into raw material usage and flexibility to add and modify virgin material vs. scrap material during the production process.
  • Barcode application can quickly tract Material Management transactions of all types – while giving you the flexibility to track only the information that you need.
  • Full-Featured Quality System is a complete quality system consisting of three modules; customer, vendor, and in-process.
  • The system will allow you to track everything from customer complaints and corrective actions to non-conformance statistics.
  • Customer and Vendor Web Portals Powerful, configurable portals allow your customers and vendors to get the information they need when they need it.
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