Oracle Partner

Back-End Of The Finsys ERP Is “Oracle” Database


And as Oracle Gold Partner, Oracle Express Edition comes as a part of the Package Free

  • Oracle Database Upto *11 GB of Database
  • Oracle Database Single Thread of Processor
  • Oracle Database 1GB of RAM Usage

Purchase "Oracle Licences"

As Oracle Partner, Finsys shall help you get the best prices possible of the Oracle Licences. We strongly recommend you to purchase Oracle Licences. It is recommended for higher speed, better performance and is nearly compulsory for any company with more users (userbase of 20 is a virtual cut off point).

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  • A. Option 1- (least cost option) = 11 g Express Edition ( Free of Cost )
  • We are a Oracle Licenced Gold Partner, Hence we are authorized to load this Oracle version XE to your server, officially free of cost, during the Trial stage.
  • This is ideal for any new customer.
  • It is fully functional. However this educational version has two constraints.
  • First, it works upto maximum of 11 GB database. Now, Finsys ERP is an Intellegently designed ERP. It is sometimes hard to believe, how this Free edition is usually sufficient for first 3 to 6 years of working of an Small business enterprise, ( depending of data volume being entered ). Anyway works fine for first one year to most companies.
  • Second, it shall use only 1 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM). This constraint will not harm upto 10 users. Between 10 to 20 users, speed is still OK-OK. However after 20 concurrent users, the Oracle response will be a bit slow. Hence in that case you can go for option 2 below.
  • B. Option 2- 11g "Standard Edition Two" under Embedded scheme
  • In this option, You must get the official server license.
  • You can get this from us for unlimited users for up to 2 cores processor for a very reasonable annual rental. ( this is ok for a small to mid size server).
  • C. Option 3 - 11g "Standard Edition Two" under limited users / Named user plus scheme
  • This is even faster and is the correct licence for good servers but less user load.
  • One time, life time, high speed oracle licence for limited user strength.
  • D. Option 4 - Other versions of Oracle
  • Many other high end versions are available. They are fit for high-end server machines.
  • You may plan for them directly from oracle, only if you need one.
  • Recommended if you want to get even better features like Disk partitioning etc.