How to do ERP implementation in a Corrugation Plant- Reels & Production

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How to do ERP implementation in a Corrugation Plant- Reels & Production

Questions we have answered here are

  1. How to do ERP implementation in a Corrugation Plant ?

  2. How to do implement Barcode based Reel management in Finsys ERP

  3. How to be successful in the ERP implementation in Corrugation Packaging, Duplex Packaging, Flexible Packaging and Label Packaging

Steps for Corrugated box industry, all Industries, anybody who wants to consider barcoding in his factory

For Benefits, already seen – see the Youtube on that topic.

It is NOT Difficult

There is negligible cost and no Loss

Steps of doing / implementing

  • Traditional way
  • Spiral Way

Traditional way ?

  • one time prepare
  • one time go live

Spiral way ?

  • Do Step by Step
  • 7 Activities parallely , or one by one
  • Dont worry
  • Start
  • we spiral upwards

Traditional way – part 1

  • Count all reels
    • make excel
    • upload excel
  • print barcode
    • paste all barcode


  • Train all
    • all people
    • pasting stickers on
    • receipt of Reels
    • Issue of Reels
  • Train
    • return back of reels
    • Train
  • Infrastructure
    • Get ready
  • All in 1 go


  • Job Card
    • must start
    • must be good
  • And
    • must be correct
    • must be compulsory
  • Train
    • all persons
    • all shifts

but all this is very difficult in 1 go



YouTube – Curing Time of Rubber and Plastics / Adhesives

In this video we will show you how curing process can be done with the help of Finsys ERP.

This feature is also used by one of the leading manufacturers of plastic auto components – DLJM (Dipty Lal Judge Mal), which challenges to be no. 1 and work like no. 1.

It has plants across India. With Digitization, Analyzation and Transformation online they are an example of Industry 4.0.

Curing tag generated by Finsys ERP shows you the required information such as date of production tag, serial no., quantity, person who created it and after what time you can use the trolley.

Then there is a single display which shows the information about all the trolleys. Steps for this curing process are as follows:

1. Production planning

2. Production entry is done

3. Tag Generation with bar code for each trolley

4. Printing of tag and Bar code scanning on trolley

5. Then there is real time display on LCD

6. Scanning with Mobile app for checking curing time

It’s that easy, if you also want to increase your productivity with the help of this feature, contact Finsys ERP or comment below.



Youtube – Can Production staff do production entry through Android Phone ?

Can Production workers do production entry in your ERP through a simple Android Phone ?

Watch this Finsys Youtube Video to see it happen live.

They definitely can, with the help of latest feature of Finsys ERP. This can be done with the help of following steps:

i. Go to Finsys Android App

ii. Login with your id and password

iii. Go to Production Module and then FG Production Entry

iv. Fill the required information, click “add production item” save it and exit.

v. Now select FG quality approval option under Production Module

vi. It will show us the pending entry

vii. Here you can update the checked quantity and save it.

viii. Print the barcode sticker.


Disclaimer: This video is meant for basic FG production only. There will be no automatic consumption entries. There will be no checks with the bulk material or any other checks .  If you need them, then after this above plan is done, then, go for it in the next stage…. more complex end to end Finsys Production ERP Modules. ( slightly more complex, but equally more profitable).

Make your Goal, for next year for that also.


for additional information from the Finsys team,  …..  Contact us




for the youtube link, click the youtube image below