Leave Management Software Android Mobile Phone

Leave Management System

Online request for leave

Can use Mobile phone to make this application.

Real time

ERP knows “who has applied” and when ?

Back-dation not possible ( good for company )

Also benefit of

  1. Online approval of Leave by the HOD
  2. Can use the Mobile phone to approve

Reports like

  1. Checklist of leaves request
  2. Checklist of leaves approved
  3. Dashboard for Monitoring
  4. Connected to ERP for Department master, Employees

Leave Request Form

“Looks” on Mobile

  • Auto Fits to mobile screen
  • Can work on this, via any device…. Android / IPAD / Iphone

Checklist of leave request

Approval of leave request

Dashboard to Monitor leaves request , approval , trends.

Dashboard screen.. and more graphic MIS Reports

for Powerpoint presentation

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