Checklist of ERP Start … Are you ready for Successful start of the ERP

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Checklist of ERP Start … Are you ready for Successful start of the ERP

Checklist of ERP Start … Are you ready for Successful start of the ERP

Formats , Excel, Training Kits, ERP Health Checkups

S No Criterion
(detailed work to be done and certified OK)
Sales orders & Invoicing
Sale order being entered?
Invoices being made ?
Invoice already started to sent to customer ( ask on phone )
TCS linking done ?
Accounts linking done ? In Control Panel
Export Invoice . Is in PO ? Ready to us ? Only if it is in PO
SEZ Invoice ? Ready to use ?
No stock , no invoice, lock is working fine ?
Opening Sales orders as on 1-4-2019 … ready ? Planned ? If current is working, then automatically, that day will also be ok
Purchase Orders
Indent being entered ?
Indent being approved ?
User Dept are making indent or all made by Purchase only
Purchase Order – making or not ?
Purchase Order – sending to vendor or not ?
Approval of purchase Order – by Plant head / Director ? Or not ?
People have made at least 50 actual PO and checked the results
At least 75% of the MRR are being made in “MRR Against PO option” ?
Opening Delivery Challans / RGP
all RGP already sent to some job worker , for which material is expected to come after 1.4.2019, are they in the ERP ?
How to see the OSP Report ( Out side party – pending report ) ?
Gate Entry Module
Computer put on Main Materials Gate ?, if not Why ?
Guard / Material stores person posted there, knows Finsys now ?
Gate Entry – done 50 actual entries , tested ok ?
Main Stores
MRR – done 50 actual entries , tested ok ?
Issue Entries
RGP – Delivery Challans being made ?
MRR against RGP
Closing stock report has items with zero value ?
Effective date for stock is ?
Freeze date of stock is ?
Rolling freeze date of stock is ?
Minimum levels are entered for how many items ?
Maximum levels are entered for how many items ?
Reorder levels are entered for how many items ?
Quality Inwards – Main material in ERP
QC inward is set is compulsory ?
QC is being done ? When last ?
Quality Inwards – Engineering Stores / other material in ERP
QC inward is set is compulsory ? for these also
QC is being done ? When last ?
Quality Outwards
Being done ?
Production Entry – Basic module ( for phase 1 clients )
Being done ?
With WIP or direct ?
Accounts. – Entry done in following ?
Receipt of Money – cash or bank
Payment of Money – cash or bank
Journal vouchers  (30 series )
Purchase Voucher passing in ERP (50 series)
Service Purchase Voucher passing in ERP  (51 series)
57 series ?
5A series ?
5B series ?
58 series ?
31 series
32 series ?
User Rights
how many users have ABCD as password ?
How many people have admin rights ?
Taking backup ? See
Google Drive for Backup being used ?

Download section

Same text in a user friendly excel format, pls download

Checklist–Year Start – ( all modules)( click to download )


Marketing can book orders Directly from Android Phone

Your Marketing Team can Book Customer Schedules , directly from their Android Phone,

Directly into your Finsys ERP

No Communication Gap
No data entry mistake
No need of Whatsapp Message
Auto Email to Production and PPC people
Automatic Material Shortage Planning
Automatic Intimation to Customer ( if required )

Login Screen… on the Android App

Sales menu as per the Rights of the Marketing Travelling Salesman / Customer Relationship Manager / your customer sitting at Customer Line ( DOL – JIT )

Select the Party Name / Code

Select the Item Name  ( Prices are pre-fed, payment terms are prefed.. as per the masters , or standing Contract with that party )

Press Save, and your Order confirmation is ready

See that…. the Device Id is also recorded … that is unique in the world for every Phone and every Computer

One of the 20 Most Promising Oracle-Solution-Providers in India

Finsys Infotech Limited has been adjudged as one of the 20 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers In India.

It is surely a “Robust Oracle Based ERP Software for Manufacturing SMEs”

Finsys has grown to be a trusted service provider in this domain through its various engagements. The company now intends to increase its corporate clientele within and outside India as well as expand further into Asia and Africa, in the upcoming future.

CIOReview has identified Finsys ERP team as one of the 20 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers in India.  Recently, Indian economy was described by Ranil Salgado, the IMF’s mission chief for India, as an “elephant” that has “started to run,” with growth forecast at 7.3 percent in the fiscal year. And so, the world is watching Indian Manufacturers. And we are  watching Finsys.

for the Web Link

We invite you to visit the CIO Magazine website link below . 

and we welcome you to Kindly go through the listing page no. 15

Screenshot ( page 35 of the October 2018 issue of CIO Review )


Screenshot 2 ( page 15 of the Magazine )

There are some nice words….that the Organisers have written about us. We thank the organisers for this. In the last para they mention including the last paragraph where the magazine editor says ……

“IMF’s Ranil Salgado says… India is an Elephant.. which has begun to run”.. meaning India is unstoppable now.

and then they say

“the World is watching the Indian manufacturers and WE ARE WATCHING FINSYS”

some excerpts from the Writeup by the Organisers

 “This depth and breadth of service is rarely available in the ERP software domain in the price range offered by Finsys,”

……The company now assists manufacturing operations across 17 industry segments including Auto components of Steel, Plastic, Rubber and Aluminium. It is serving Forging, Casting, Machining, and Assembly operations. Finsys also has specialized solutions for Corrugation Packaging, Duplex Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Laminates, Pharma, Foods, Medical Disposables, and manufacturers of Electronics, etc.


Finsys has seamlessly used the Oracle powers to harness the OEE, PPM, Rejections analysis, Supplier Performance Reports, Down Time Reports, Reason wise Wastage Analysis, Item wise profitability, and customer wise profitability. Recognizing that the cost and quality sensitive manufacturing industry requires comprehensive planning before the initiation of production activities, Finsys Infotech’s ERP encompasses an elaborate Production and Planning Module that provides extensive insight into Production activities along with accounting and automated MIS Reporting functionalities.

We thank our Patrons for making us One of the 20 Most Promising Oracle-Solution-Providers in India

More info ? contact us

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