Timely purchases that are made at the best price improve a company’s inventory management, reduce costs, and have a direct effect on the company’s ability to satisfy their customers. Obtaining the best price depends on the company’s ability to record price and discount agreements in advance, automatically apply the best price to each transaction, and to make purchasing agents aware of any other potential cost savings.
Additionally, companies must make sure that they manage and update purchase delivery schedules, meet vendor prepayment requirements, and automatically register all inventory and financial information associated with each purchase transaction.

We at FINSYS allow you to do all this and MUCH MORE by using our ERP.

Purchase plays a very important role in an organisation. It procures all sorts of items or products required by the organization, hence providing all departments with their necessary item requirements. It keeps a ready count of the quantity of the different items and deals with the suppliers in an endeavour to procure new stock.

Purchase always feeds the store and keeps it alive, which in turn provides the needs of other departments.

Purchase Module is fully integrated with related functional processes including automated inventory replenishment , sales requests for non-stock and direct-ship items.

The Purchase module will help you trace various activities in the Purchase to Pay cycle. When used in concert with the Inventory and the PPC modules, the Purchasing module can calculate quantities to be ordered to meet customer commitments.

Built-in lead times will ensure that your  purchasing meets your customer or production due dates. With the usage of Purchase module you will increase your inventory efficiency and eliminate costly shortages.