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We are making efforts to see that these start in every company.  The benefits are attached.


MD / CEO / Plant head must get 


Every day

  1. Executive summary of all SO, PO, MRR and Invoices for the day
  2. Pending Sales order Register
  3. Pending Purchase Order Register
  4. Snapshot Report of Collection and Payments



See these reports and discuss their CAPA

For each row

  1. .. how many… Target vs Actual. .. and CAPA


  1. Stock Report – Paper Reels – 1 page summary – Reels and Ton in hand
  2. Stock Report – Paper Reels –Reels wise with Ageing 30-60-90 days columns
  3. Bit Reel Report .. how many… Target vs Actual. .. and CAPA
  4. Reels older than 90 days Report
  5. Stock Report – Paper Reels – Closing Stock value ( to management only )



  1. Stock Report –  Ink and Adhesive MTD with value – 4 colm
  2. Stock Report –  Repair and Maintenance Items MTD with value – 4 colm
  3. All Items below Minimum level
  4. All Items below Reorder level
  5. All items above Maximum level


Benefits of These Stores Reports

  1. Control of the situation
  2. Know who is entering data and who is not 
  3. Know stock position LIVE ( almost live)
  4. All people are automatically understand the importance of entering the data live / almost live, since MD will see daily. And MD will rely on them.
  5. Issue entries are missed in some companies for some groups… will be done, since seen. ( Example Spare Parts and Consumables )
  6. Stock out position happens in repair items / many items. Since people do not remember to buy in time.  This will be prevented if the Minimum levels and Reorder Levels are set + Reports daily monitored



  1. Debtors Outstanding Report   – any 1 out of over 10 formats available – as of end of last week
  2. Creditors outstanding Report  – any 1 out of over 10 formats available  
  3. Staff Advance Account Trial Balance and Ledger  email to MD
  4. Imprest Account Trial Balance and Ledger  email to MD
  5. Debtors with Credit Balance ( Advances received ) – YTD date selection 
  6. Creditors with Debit Balance ( Advances received ) – YTD date selection  
  7. Non-moving Accounts
  8. Cash Flow of this month ( Cash only )
  9. Funds Flow of this month ( Cash+All Banks) ( All Sources) 



  1. Customer wise Sales Report = any 1 format 
  2. Finished Product wise Sales Report = any 1 format 
  3. Schedule vs Actual   // Sale order vs Actual Report = any 1 format
  4. FG stock in hand report with value – preferably 4 colm ( Year start to date ) 


EVERY FRIDAY :  Purchase

  1. Pending Purchase Requisitions ( Indents ) == PR made, and not approved
  2. Pending Purchase Requisitions ( Indents ) == PR approved and Po not made
  3. Pending Purchase Order  == PO made, and not approved
  4. Pending Purchase Order  == PO approved but material not received – any 1 format
  5. Purchase Schedule vs Actual Report – any 1 format
  6. Vendor Ratings
  7. Purchase Estimate for ROL(Reorder level) / MSL( Minimum stock level) items
  8. Delivery Date based report = Committed delivery date in PO vs actual date ( XLS report)
  9. Any 1 Rate Comparison Report
  10. Shipments received late ( after 5 pm) … if your stores works in main shift only.. people who make your stores people stay back late, lead to risk in Qnty check /Quality check



This area is as per your ERP configuration. 

This list may be modified as relevant to you


For Packaging Plants

  1. Daily Production Report ( DPR )
  2. Down Time Report with reasons
  3. Wastage Report with Reasons
  4. Material Requirement Planning for this (balance) month, and for next month.
  5. Job Cards floating on the Production floor for more than 10 days, and not yet closed.
  6. Job Cards open , and not yet scheduled on any machine
  7. Job Cards with excess loss due to Ups ./ Paper allocation 
  8. Monthly Tonnage Report = Tons produced each day
  9. Corrugation Output Report = Sq Metres produced & Tons produced
  10. Theoratical consumption vs Actual. (* under development / Testing )


Please feel free to revert for any further details/ clarifications required.

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