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ERP Software Development and Implementations

A Professional Company. Managed by Chartered Accountants and Computer Engineers.

Supported by the Ideas of 600+ Managing Directors ( yes… each one of our existing MD / CEO / Country Head has given us ideas… these ideas, after implementation became our source of Energy, Source of Robustness in the Software. )

Finsys is 27 years young and an ambitious company. We are inching upwards…. on our way to become the preferred partner in growth for customers.

Finsys is focused on providing innovative enterprise solutions for your complex Manufacturing operations

We have built our application solutions built around Oracle Database Technology platforms. ( 20c/ 19c / 18c / 12c / 11g   ) Standard Edition 2 preferred. Express Edition works fine ( Free of cost from Oracle, subject to some Terms and Conditions)…

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Our expertise include Andoid Apps, IOS Apps, Tabs, Scanning through Bar Codes , Linking to Weighing Machines, Complex Production Queue Management, Finsys-ERP PPC, Business Intelligence and Supply Chain solutions on Finsys-ERP platform.

You can also have a Customer Extranet ( live access to them to your data,… allow them to enter their own New Schedules…. watch their Schedule vs Actual… access the Shipment details including invoice number, truck number, driver name and driver mobile number

You can also have a Vendor Extranet ( live access to them to your data,… allow them to see their own PO / Schedule vs Actual… enter their Shipment tracking details including invoice number, truck number, driver name and driver mobile number … Life surely becomes more smooth.


A Strong STEERING COMMITTEE is Important for ERP Project Success

  • 332 Corporate Customers
  • 600 + Factories and their extended 100 plus Depots and Sites
  • 7 Nations of the World
  • 23 States and Union Territories within India
  • 10,600 + Users
  • 40+ Professionals

Our Vision

"To provide Simple, Easy to use ERP Software Yet of high quality, comparable to best in the world with Good Controls, and MIS Reports"


We are already serving Manufacturing Corporates in Mauritius(Africa), Congo(Africa), Zebel Ali FTZ, Dubai, UAE, and in Houston, Texas, USA. Also being used in Italy at the Head office of a Plastic Moulding Company, and in Depots of companies in Myanmar, Netherlands, Tazakistan and so on.

We make work easy for our clients.

The outcome: we make clients businesses more efficient, more effective, and more valuable. ROI = Quite fast.. usually 3 months. Average


They are responsible for:

ERP Management Solutions ERP Management Solutions
  • Every company who want to grow rapidly in todays competitive marketplace -- needs a proper "System". and All Systems, all SOP, get easy to implement when they are a part of the ERP Software they use.
  • Finsys Infotech Limited provides complete ERP Management tools. Now as per choice of the customer, we built their Supply Chain Management, Demand Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, PPC Management, Inventory cycle and so on.
ERP Management Solutions ERP Management Solutions
  • We have 92 Modules / Sub Modules / Features now
  • You think practicable,.... we must have either done that... or tell us, we will do it for you. Let us Invent !!

To understand the goal and effect of IT Strategy planning, master the method and skills of IT strategy planning. Our ERP Management Consultants are familiar with processing and steps of strategy planning and consultant's control the key point, difficult points and key successful factors of IT strategy planning.


What Our Customers Feel

Our Customers feel that, Finsys ERP, is a Brilliant "Practical" business ERP software...

They tell us that our company, the Finsys Infotech Limited, have made life easy for them. Helped them save Lakhs / Crores in Purchase cost, Reduction in Inventory wastages, Reduction in Production down time, Reduction in In process QC problems.
Thank you Patrons.

We currently provide fully integrated software services and solutions to several hundred installations India-wide, ( 600+ currently )

  • North to South : from Jammu & Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in North, to Coimbatore, Pondicherry and Chennai in South.
  • East to West : from Kolkatta in East to Jaipur in West.
  • Our International unique D&B D-U-N-S® Number Is 7-692-0299
  • Rated by SMERA, the Joint Venture of SIDBI and Duns and Bradstreet