Precaution for Change to Long invoice number

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Precaution for Change to Long invoice number

User update – Precaution for Change to Long invoice number

Applicable for you only if

1. You upload ERP data to any customer’s vendor portal
2. You send a ASN to any Customer
3. You generate any Bar code for any customer

The Change

Many Of the Finsys Clients have opted for long invoice number system in Financial year 2020-21, example : SAPL/20-21/000001 onwards.

This is required to comply with the new requirements in GST / E-invoice GSTIN softwares first digit cannot be zero.. … This is ok for accounts and invoicing, but when the Bar code or ASN is generated, the new prefix might get dropped off. This will have to be configured specifically. This is not automatic.

Action required

Please ask your despatch staff to send a sample to the customer portal/material gate and get this verified immediately. Else you may face this side effect.

Wishing you all a smooth transition from earlier 6 Digit to new 16 Digit Invoice no.

Thanks and Regards
Finsys Team