Plastic Moulding Electronics Equipment Manufacturers Selects Finsys ERP

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Automatic Minimum Level Resetting , Auto Stock level update

Please check with your Stores Head and Your purchase head, if he has started using this Automatic facility in Finsys ERP
You can use this idea to make your company more efficient, your stores more lean, more efficient.

and remember to use the Reports of stock below reorder level + Report of stock above maximum level, … EVERY WEEK …. Every Thursday is STORES focus day

Finsys….Making Business Better

Plastic Moulding and Electronic Equipment Plant in Chennai selects Finsys ERP

Finsys was awarded an important ERP Implementation Contract for a Group of Companies with Plants in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

The customer had spent huge amounts on a Big Brand ERP Package over last 5 years. But to no avail.

Now, Finsys ERP that can integrate with Milancron Injection Moulding Machines, that can give you integration of all Purchase, Sales, Stores, Accounts, Production, Quality. Selected. Hot Rollout decided.

Finsys , Chennai Office managed the phase 1 of the ERP implementation. and also the team from the Finsys Head office, flew in. Mission Go Live 1-1-2021.

We are together.

plastic moulding machine ERP Software


The customer chose Finsys after evaluating over all possible ERP packages  in India for the Plastic Moulding companies. They are 100% ok with Finsys, since all their top competitors were also on Finsys ERP too. They found that Finsys is the Best ERP Software in the Plastic Molding Domain, and Electronic Equipment Domain.

We are Honoured. Thank you