Job Worker Reconciliation, RGP , 57F4 reconcile : How Vendor Portal helps

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Job Worker Reconciliation, RGP , 57F4 reconcile : How Vendor Portal helps

Job Worker Reconciliation, RGP , 57F4 reconcile :

How Vendor Portal helps

Job Work Cycle

Using Finsys ERP

Process Flow

  • Bill of Material should be there for the End parts
  • Job Worker is doing Assembly for us
  • So We use different- different challans to send the material to him.
  • Job worker assembles them and sends them to us.
  • We need to see , which challan are pending with him

Let us consider the following items.

We create the items for the correct bill of material : shown below are child items

We add the Packing material items
( or, whatever is required )

Let us see the following BOM

We send him the material produced / purchased by us. In diff diff challans




The job worker has to fill the form on your portal before sending material

Finsys Vendor Portal shall open as per correct login

Vendor will login, the Date, time, S no comes automatically
Select the FG produced, and enter the Qnty produced

Now , before the supply , the vendor will select the challan he is clearing in the supply , he is sending as per BOM

Vendor will select our challan number cleared in this shipment from him

In case he fills up incorrect qty the transaction will not be saved for accuracy.

When the correct qty as per BOM is filled , the entry can be saved.

Production entry print from system

Report showing challan wise , batch wise material
Sent , cleared and pending  by job worker

For the next challan , the balance material is showing

The job worker shall knock of the 2nd challan also for sending his FG supply to us.

Production entry slip generated

After the second challan , we can see the cleared challan and the pending challan in the report

Cleared challan list can be seen

Pending challan list can be seen

Automatic Report showing challan wise , batch wise material sent, cleared and pending for each job worker. Helping in Job Worker Management


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New ERP Order

Congratulations,ERP Software company, FINSYS has been  Awarded ORDER for complete ERP Software by another STORAGE RACKS MANUFACTURER .  This company is in PUNE, Maharashtra

This new customer of Finsys is a mid size company. They have significant in-house production facilities with a sound back-up to reduce production lead time and to meet the competitive pricing among the competitors. Their technical design engineers and sales officers are always at customer’s disposal to suggest proper layout and estimates your requirement in an economical way.

They have served various industries, for last many years in Govt., Semi-govt. and private sectors, spread over the country. The Company has been recognized for taking such projects on turnkey basis from planning to erection stages of Slotted Angle, Steel Racks, Palletise Racking, Modular Mezzanine Floors, Two/Three Tier Racks, Cable Trays, Raceways, Office Equipments and all type of industrial Fabrication.

Their Products are fabricated out of the best grade steel as per specification. In addition,the team of professionals at customers placeaim to provide over customers the best of the products and the highest level of services.

In Conclusion ,Finsys is proud to be their partner in technology.

Come, let us make our Manufacturing sector, better and better



Reasons for Selecting Finsys ERP were, in the words of the Mr R K Pandey, Director, of the company were

The Functional Fit for their Organization.
Industry Experience. of Finsys team … 31 years 1992 to 2023
Price. … the right fit for company of their size
ERP Vendor Viability…. satisfactory
ERP Implementation Project Considerations., satisifted
The Technology. … browser based, latest works on Mac, windows, phones anything
Risk (and how to avoid it) mitigation systems at work at Finsys
Scalability. for future


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