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Is Outsourcing Beneficial to you? Why? Consider Outsourcing ERP, Taxation and Accounting services

Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services and create goods that traditionally were performed in-house by the company’s own employees and staff.


Outsourcing is a one stop solution to the operational issues. Here are the 5 reasons why it is important for your business:

1. Helps you to increase your focus on your core services: It helps you to focus on your main goal by outsourcing you non core business activities such as accounting and ERP services.

2. Reducing and controlling operating costs: Cost reduction is one of the main motives of any company and most important reason why a company outsource. It gives you access to international quality at much lower price

3. Gaining access to the best talent: Through outsourcing you get the people with superior skills without the hiring process.

. Improved quality of service: A company’s service is what makes it stand apart in the market. And outsourcing gives you that improved quality of service. For example, who is better than a CA to do your GST compliances.

5. Technological advantages: In this era of everyday changing technology, you can expect from an outsourcing company to give you the best technologically advanced solutions.

And all these services are brought to you Finsys via our associates, MAKING BUSINESS BETTER.

Special Industries Specific Solutions created by Finsys ERP team

Special Industries Specific Solutions created by Finsys ERP team


TCS On Sale Of Goods 206C Wef October 2020 – How To Do, In Finsys ERP ?

TCS on Sale of Goods

Section 206C w.e.f. 1st October 2020

Applicable to ?

This is applicable only in India. Finsys Customers outside India, kindly ignore this information.

Turnover Criterion

  • Was your Turnover in FY 2019-20 more than Rs 10 Crores p.a. ?
  • If yes, then
  • This legal change is important for you

As per Budget 2020 / Finance Act 2020,

  • Section 206C (1H), you must charge TCS on the Sale value of goods including GST.
  • This is applicable on Sale invoices to those customers,
  • to whom you sell goods worth more than Rs 50 lakhs a year.

Rate of TCS

  • with PAN

  • TCS Rate will be 0.075% if PAN is available,
  • without PAN

  • TCS Rate will be 0.75%, if customer does not give a PAN

Effective Date ?

  • Currently : 1st October 2020
  • Corona effect ? : Date might be postponed further.  But chances are remote, since already 6 additional months given to all to get ready

  • Finsys Preparation
  • We are READY,


for the Latest Powerpoint and notes

Revised Updated Features … See the Powerpoint dated 24-9-2020 click here



See the previous Video dated March 2020 below.

The TCS journey Begins

New Button Created :
TCS Support Data

Report 1 : Which Customers are covered ?

Those whom you sold goods worth  over 50 lakhs in 1 year. One Customer with 4 plants, will be counted as 1, since this is PAN based totalling

Report 2 ::Customers with TCS Rates

 example 1 % or 0.1%. ( or this year 2020-21 : 0.075% or 0.75% )

Report 3 and 4

Summary of TCS,

purpose. : for TCS Return


Details of TCS, additional report

Report 5

Invoices wise TCS Details… for transaction level details

Drill down and Click , option 5 : shows full detail with invoice number , and date etc

How to set the Master Files ?

Finsys, helping make your Business Better

Charges ?

Free , this Fast Readymade Solution is Free of Cost to all customers whose account is “Regular” in Finsys books.

Purpose ?

Why did Govt do this ? . The International Think Tank of USA led OECD countries and G-20 Countries, of which India is an active member, found out that across the world the Job workers and anybody whose TDS is deducted is a higher percent of tax payer than that of seller of Goods.  Sellers of Goods have no pressure to pay Advance Tax. So, the Governments Worldwide are planning this New Tool of TCS to get more revenue and reduce the Tax evasion possibilities.

The Governments have assured that if anybody’s Tax is higher than required, then it will be refunded to him/her as usual.

[ And no Doubts, now the Refunds do come automatically and online credited to your bank accounts , without any “extra” efforts. }

Other points

It is important to note that for calculating the threshold of Rs.10 Crore, the total turnover including gross receipts and sales is to be taken into consideration whereas for computing the threshold of Rs.50 Lakhs, only sale of goods is to be considered

Non Applicability of section 206C(1H) in the following cases:

1. If goods are exported from India to any country outside India.

2. If buyer is liable to deduct TDS under Income Tax Act.

3. If the goods sold are already covered under sub sections (1), (1C), (1F) and (1G)* of section 206C

*Inserted via Finance Act, 2020

Thank you.

Contact Finsys Team,

Escalation in case of Grievance-Delivery side , Mr Virender Singh, Phone # 9310008914
Delivery is assured “Free of Cost”, to all customers whose AMC is fully paid up, In case of Queries on our Ledger matching with your Accounts Dept.  You may call Mr Bhim Sen Modi, Phone # 9555333195.


You may also Contact the Technical team on on 9015220220  ( India Call Centre Number ) : Extension : 1 & 2

FG Production Entry in Android Phone through Finsys ERP

Can Production staff do production entry through Android Phone? They definitely can, with the help of latest feature of Finsys ERP.

This can be done with the help of following steps:

i. Go to Finsys Android App

ii. Login with your id and password

iii. Go to Production Module and then FG Production Entry

iv. Fill the required information, click “add production item” save it and exit.

v. Now select FG quality approval option under Production Module

vi. It will show us the pending entry vii. Here you can update the checked quantity and save it. viii. Print the barcode sticker.

see the Youtube Video for the details

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