Escalation Matrix – Finsys ERP Software _ Technical Support

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Escalation Matrix – Finsys ERP Software _ Technical Support

Escalation Matrix – Finsys

First : Your own Relationship Manager
Second : Senior to your RM ( Senior Implementor )
Third : Vice President
Fourth : Finsys Management
Parallel 2 : Call centre number 9015220220 ( Ext : 1 or 2 )
Parallel 3 : Whatsapp group for your company (for emergencies, and where communication is not possible with your RM or call centre )


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Youtube : Inventory of Bins and Trolleys

Use your Finsys ERP, to control the Bins, Trolleys in your factory… both in-house and sent to Customers. MUST USE. To protect your Bin Stock. this is a significant Cost.
Recorded at Jairaj Ancillaries Pvt Ltd, Annual Manthan Meeting at Park Plaza, sector 21C, Faridabad, Haryana.
What is the Standard Operating Procedure, or practical way …
In this video, we share our views,
Keep things simple
Short Answer is that …. They are important as CASH.
The bins must be recorded as normal inventory, both inward and outward.
and what the problems, if you dont do that…. see this video
Better companies, make their businesses stronger, using small small good ideas… More efficient Factory … Agile Industry.. More Productive Country.
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Make yourself more profitable
Use this idea