Cloud server for Finsys ERP – Recommendation – Dt May 2023


Best Cloud Server for Finsys ERP : Dt May 2023 Recommendations

New Cloud Server Arrangement – Better Alternative to AWS

New Technical arrangement with E2E Networks Limited
Recent multiple instances of Massive “Higher than normal” billing by AWS.
This is due to various Technically, yet to be known reasons, ( thus, unknown reasons ) … anyway….various customers are facing massive rise in monthly bills from AWS : Amazon Web Services….

The monthly AWS Cloud Bill that was subscribed to AWS Lightsail at USD 40 per month… ( approx Rs 3200 pm ). suddenly jumps to Rs 50,000 pm to Rs 90,000 pm.

And reason as per website is massive data upload/download. This is scary for any customer.

We take this as a Risk Reduction Exercise for our Finsys ERP Customers.

So, Finsys has tied up with a comparatively More Reliable Indian Company instead of this American AMC.
The E2E Networks is currently not charging any fee at all for the “Upload/Download” service. And thus this risk is mitigated.

Action point :

So, if you are facing similar problem , or feel the risk of the same. you can also shift to E2E Networks Limited.
Finsys has a technical arrangement with E2E technical infra team, and the migration is quite smooth

Oracle cloud is also a good option. ( The BEST Option )… edit dated 7-Oct-2023

Oracle Server Service = very good. No Doubts

Remember to take 1 OCPU per 50 users you have

Oracle Database licence = included

But it is slightly more expensive for the Windows OS Machines. ( Reason : Microsoft charges it a heavy price for per server licence, which is much much higher than what Microsoft charges to others )… reason. ? Competitor’s Rivalry.

Our Recommendation ?

Best Combination of Cloud Servers, in our view for Finsys ERP Customers ?
A : Database on Oracle Cloud
B : Front end application on E2E Networks

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