Backup Methods for Finsys ERP : Recommendations May 2023

Backup Methods for Finsys ERP : Recommendations May 2023

Backup Methods for Finsys ERP : Recommendations May 2023


Backup for Finsys ERP Database


Finsys is Proud to Associated with Oracle. We use only Oracle as our Database.

In this page, we are discussing the Oracle Backup policies , as we implement for our Finsys ERP customers.

Automatic Backup, – If you have an “On Premises ” server ….. Then, This must be set up, and must be set to “daily”, and frequency must be 1 or 2 times.

Same for situation in case of Window based servers from AWS or E2E networks

In case of on premise server, you have the advantage of controlled backup

So, you must do a Manual “One click” backup also, apart from the auto backup.

This is recommended at least, once in three days. It takes between 1 minute to 10 minutes depending on server speed , data size etc. This “One Click backup” is optional, but we Strongly recommend it.

Some companies do it 3 times a day, that is even safer… subject to if you can do that.


Action required :

Check regularly, whether Backup size is increasing gradually, every day ?

Check regularly, whether Backup is fit to be installed in case of a “need” due to any reason ? You may set up a UAT Server to do this once a month.


Disaster Recovery / DR Site.

We Strongly recommend you to keep the Backup at a second location.

Option 1 : Your Google Drive = Auto Sync can be enabled.

Option 2 : Manual drag and Drop, Google Drive.

( Simple and needs no special knowledge or effort )

Option 3 : Your any other computer at any other location, say home of MD, Corporate office in another city, another building, or Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox etc.



Data Mirroring ( if using in-house server)

This is an Add-on Facility. This is available in the High end Version of Oracle. This is called Oracle Enterprise edition. This is quite costly solution. Hence, if your Turnover is over USD 15 Million Dollars, or in Indian Terms Rs 100 Crores or more, then do consider this solution.

You may contact Finsys ERP team for this upgrade and better prices than in the open market from third party software resellers. We are able to give a good price due to being “Oracle Gold Partner”. ..

But very rarely customers use this…

Not really required, if you have Cloud server with Oracle for database



E2E Networks : Finsys Preferred Cloud Solution Provider for Customers in India


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Best Combination currently

Detailed analysis of recent situation based on the higher than normal bills from AWS is on this link below  ( recommendation-dt-may-2023 )