Corrugation Machine Entry in Finsys ERP – Main Exe version ( Input-Output Screen option )

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Corrugation Machine Entry in Finsys ERP – Main Exe version ( Input-Output Screen option )

Finsys ERP has 4 variants of Corrugation Entry
a) Main Exe : This input-output screen option as in this video
b) Main Exe – Traditional method without input-output traceability
c) Web Exe
d) Android Phone Exe

The Method (a) is explained in this video
It is very good
a) see it as a boss of people who have to do this
b) See this as a doer yourself
c) see this as a academic. for knowledge of how this industry works

We at Finsys are proud to share our knowledge with you
Come let us make the Corrugation industry one of the most efficient, and digitally awake industry in India, and worldwide

Some of the key points we covered in this video are

jobcard to be created and approval etc is required before this step .. it can be done in just 60 seconds
machine loading , it will reduce your work from 1 hour to 5 minutes too

Corrugation button,
Operator traceability,
Downtime reasons,
rejection reasons,
Material reconciliations,
Reel traceability,
importance of bit reels hisaab etc

fala, core, trim, outer kg, core pipe related weight is also seen

Bar Code Reels – Finsys ERP Corrugation

For that, we “Finsys” has developed some tools with features that not only reduce the human efforts but also  help nature by reducing extra manual Data Entry, one of which is Barcode based data Entry





Benefits of Barcode based Data entry in Corrugation are

  • Help in right Reel issuance at right time, so no wastage
  • Return of Unconsumed reel to the store that will help the store In-charge in keeping proper info. So that no need for unnecessary raw material/reel arises.
  • Making Receipt of FG also becomes easy.
  • Help in bit reel management and in paper ageing and traceability

This will help you and your customer, as what they see they keep more of it in their mind. As customers who do audits of plants, they are not only impressed with such tools but also implement some of them in their operations also.

So help nature and Yourself by digitalize your company.


For more benefits please have a look at the below link of Finsys Video.


OTP Access in Finsys ERP

Advanced feature – Security of Data.  When you use ERP Data,  giving data access “Rights” is always a concern.
Now, with Finsys ERP you can have answers to those problems which is also free.   You may ask to switch on the OTP access via email for both Main Finsys and Web Finsys.

     1. How and whom to give the right to see the data of
his/her or other departments?
       2. How to give time-based access to New employees?
Sounds Interesting ?
have a look…

OTP Access in Finsys ERP. ( in English voice over )

This facility is available in both Web Finsys and Main Finsys

YouTube:- Suggestion – Production Job work … Convert to Purchase and Sales – TDS, GST , ITC-04. Some Ideas

This Suggestion is going to help all of you
If you get anything manufactured outside, from your job workers
if you yourself manufacture something from your customer and the customer himself provides the raw material to you… this called customer job work
this video is about the suggestion…. to convert this into a Purchase and Sales Relationship

It will reduce a lot of hassle of Reconciliations
Hassle of ITC-04 returns
A level of Hassle during the next GST Audits
and so on

Think about it

Is Outsourcing Beneficial to you? Why? Consider Outsourcing ERP, Taxation and Accounting services

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1. Helps you to increase your focus on your core services: It helps you to focus on your main goal by outsourcing you non core business activities such as accounting and ERP services.

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5. Technological advantages: In this era of everyday changing technology, you can expect from an outsourcing company to give you the best technologically advanced solutions.

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