Youtube Video 27 minutes ERP Software For Mono Carton Box and Duplex Folded Cartons

Youtube Video 27 minutes ERP Software For Mono Carton Box and Duplex Folded Cartons

Youtube Video 27 minutes ERP Software For Mono Carton Box and Duplex Folded Cartons

Youtube Video 27 minutes

ERP Software For Mono Carton Box and Duplex Folded Cartons

Video link below

Finsys ERP Process for Managing Business of Manufacture of Packaging solutions , Printed Cartons & Security Packaging

System to utilize your Men, Machine, Material, Money, better and Better

Finsys Web based Interface

Finsys ERP has Auto Generated push reporting , to alert and update users on the screen of important working in the Organization

The Dashboards and Graphs auto Refresh to highlight and update users on the screen of important trends and activities in the Organization

Finsys ERP Sales Dashboards help in reviewing the data quickly and effectively

Now the Demo
of the Main Production Cycle
What Profitability reports will I get ?

Enquiry / Lead from Customer
for Mono Carton

Profitability Report
( Every job).

And ….
I want the Profit Customer Wise

Customer wise Value Addition report
Showing customer wise profit during a time band

Drill down to item level

What if ….
I want the Profit …. Item Wise

Item wise Value Addition report
Showing item wise profit during a time band

Drill down to customer wise.

Mono Carton Costing based on Standard Parameters

Mono Carton Costing ( model 2)

Options for Standard Working
Enquiry Registration + Action
Quotation to Customer + Monitoring
Sales order From Customer
Process Plan / Product Specs
Stage Mapping (Routing)
Job Card Creation and Monitoring
Machine Planning + Work ORders
Stage Wise Production ( As per Routing)
Sorting packing +Finalization
Dispatch Advice ( Packing List)
Sales Invoice (For Shipment)
Accounts ( Account Receivable )

Item Creation in Finsys

Customer Creation

Finsys Enquiry Booking Screen
So that no Enquiry/lead gets missed

Quotation linked to Enquiry
(Auto populated from the Enquiry )

Quotation Print for Sending to Customer

Sales order linked to quotation
(Auto populated from the Quotation )

Order approval step
for approved production process

Sales Order Scheduling for correct and timely delivery monitoring

Lead vs Quote vs order report

RM Name Auto creation for standard item naming , weight calculation

31 Day Schedule planner for timely production and delivery monitoring

5 Day planner for closely monitoring the pending order , stock in hand ,production  and delivery date

Auto generated reports for dispatch monitoring

Process Plan /Bom / Item specification Master Crea ted, approval check point

Stage Mapping / Routing Process
for setting standard Process timing.

Machinery Masters
Machine specs , runing cost / hr , overhead , capacity details

Order Status Tracking System
to track , where the order is at any moment

Shop work load status
for how many hours , machine is busy

PPC menu for job Planning and Production orders

PPC can see the orders in hand and planning status

One click job card creation
based on material in hand as per process plan , ups , to calculate paper to be issued

Job card print for systematic work instruction to the shop floor by the PPC team

PPC window updated to indicate job card creation

Material planning step
(Week based production line up)

MRP Routine to compute the material required

Auto generation of Purchase request considering stock hand , Pending PR , PO , under QA and WIP

Auto Generated Purchase Request
for saving time and accuracy , thousands of item PR can be generated in 1 click

PR approval Step for accuracy

Approved Vendor list option for Speed and accuracy in PO making ,approval

PO Creation based on Sheet Qty  , weight for ease at PPC and Vendor End

PO approval levels system
for delegation with controls

PO Approval process
with option to see rates , stock , comparisons

Gate entry system with check point against wrong / excess supply

Auto weight conversion option for faster working sheets>wt option

Gate bar code option for control

Material Receipt , auto filled from gate entry for faster speed and accuracy of stores person

MRR / GRN print out

Inspection Tag for Material traceability and identification

Automatic IFRS accounting entry

Inspection System for systematic checking of material before payment

Inspection report for unbiased analysis of material before use / payment

Auto created internal test certificate is generated for due quality check

Accounts Entry at QA Stage

Stock monitoring window gets updated , to manage the stocks

Job Card indicates Stock qty available

Job order approval step is given to confirm the production process.

Order monitoring system
tracking gets updated automatically

Order monitoring system
tracking gets updated automatically

Job order monitoring system is also ready to monitor and report the production process

Shop work load system also gets updated with the reduced qty , indicating the work on various production areas

Production Planning and Machine work order creation is initated

Machine work order is created to instruct the operator the work pattern of the shift

Material issued against job card created to track the material usage

Alert against excess material issuance is created

Issued material shows on the job card automatically

Automatic Stores consumption entry

Job card also shows the linked image for better working by prodn team

Production Entry Starts now.
Paper consumed , Printed sheet created

Production costs per sheet get populated
sheet cost + mch cost + over heat + operator + helper cost

WIP stock gets updated
RM reduced , WIP produced