Youtube- Plastic moulding – Target Vs Actual ( Production plan in ERP Software )

Youtube- Plastic moulding – Target Vs Actual ( Production plan in ERP Software )

Youtube- Plastic moulding – Target Vs Actual ( Production plan in ERP Software )

This is a Demo of a Prime Report : Target vs Actual production in Finsys ERP Software.

Since, Finsys is a  Special ERP for Plastic moulding, Electronics, White Goods Industry, Automotive Components

So, this becomes a part of the User Manual of Finsys ERP

We are proud that Finsys ERP Software is serving about 900 Installations world wide. Of this over 150 are Factories in Plastic Moulding, Rubber Moulding, and Related White Goods Assembly Plants. Some of them are International Brands.

so, Have a look at a practical aspect of how to see the Production Plan, how to see the Production actually done. How to see the Plan vs Actual production, in our Plastic Moulding ERP Software

This will tell you, How to see the “Plan vs Actual” in a Plastic moulding company, at MachineLevel, using Plastic Moulding ERP Software.

And Plastic Moulded ERP Software Helps :

So, Finsys is Made in India, Made for India

So, How to Monitor the Productivity of Assembly plant at  “Each Day” level and at “Shift” level

And therefore, we find this as a very user friendly session between Mr Sangeet Gupta, and Mr Sumit Anand…. on the way to another Plastic Moulding company.

And Finsys ERP at the service of Plastic Moulding Industry MIS Dashboards Puneet Gupta ji Prime Reports in Finsys ERP

Plastic moulding ERP Software, Finsys

So, An end-to-end ERP System developed with a “shop floor first” focus to help mid-market manufacturers increase efficiency and visibility of performance on the plant floor Integrated ERP System For Mainstream Manufacturers FINSYS ERP System is tailored specifically for your factory’s environment to streamline processes across sales, order processing, finance, human resources, planning, production, inventory, procurement and more. It becomes the backbone for visibility, execution and communication of manufacturing activities and data throughout your supply chain.

ERP for Plastic Moulded Components Rubber

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