Temporary Problem “This website is not secure” – SSL message by Chrome

Temporary Problem “This website is not secure” – SSL message by Chrome

Temporary Problem “This website is not secure” – SSL message by Chrome

2nd June 2023: 8.20 am. Some customers have reported the message “This website is not secure”

(How to Fix Website is Not Secure Error in Chrome)

Today’s date and time of reporting : 2-June-2023 : 8.20 am approx, a customer in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Later reported by 4 more customers in UP, TN, and Haryana.

 Current status  at 9.05 am : SSL matter  solved & CLOSED


There is a reported interruption in the SSL certifying authority , worldwide at USA

Root Cause :  Annual Verification of the SLL

One of the errors you may encounter while using Google Chrome on a Windows PC or a Mac is a “Your connection to this site is not secure” warning. Initially, this may seem concerning as its wording implies that your security is at risk. However, this error can appear even on websites we know to be 100% secure and are confident in.

This is due to an issue with security certificates, and many times is not the fault of your computer or your web browser at all. These certificates are what websites use to prove they are who they say they are on the internet, and if your browser detects an issue with a certificate, it will issue a warning.

Today the screen was showing as under

solution :


to some others, it was showing as following ” Your Clock is ahead”

Solution :

empty screen with the message : This service is UNAVAILABLE



Need not worry

There was no work stopping, and Work can continue via “Advanced”click

Meanwhile, Proper resolution done.  Root Cause Found and Solved. SSL verification requested and done from the US provider

What are SSL Certificate Authorities & Trust Hierarchies?

click this for details : https://www.globalsign.com/en-in/ssl-information-center/what-are-certification-authorities-trust-hierarchies 


Certificate Authorities, or Certificate Authorities / CAs, issue Digital Certificates. Digital Certificates are verifiable small data files that contain identity credentials to help websites, people, and devices represent their authentic online identity (authentic because the CA has verified the identity). CAs play a critical role in how the Internet operates and how transparent, trusted transactions can take place online. CAs issue millions of Digital Certificates each year, and these certificates are used to protect information, encrypt billions of transactions, and enable secure communication.

An SSL Certificate is a popular type of Digital Certificate that binds the ownership details of a web server (and website) to cryptographic keys. These keys are used in the SSL/TLS protocol to activate a secure session between a browser and the web server hosting the SSL Certificate. In order for a browser to trust an SSL Certificate, and establish an SSL/TLS session without security warnings, the SSL Certificate must contain the domain name of website using it, be issued by a trusted CA, and not have expired.


Status update :

[8:56 am, 02/06/2023] SSL verification applied = yes
[9:05 am, 02/06/2023] Sangeet Kr Gupta: Verification done by the SSL authority in USA = Done
[9:08 am, 02/06/2023] Sangeet Kr Gupta: SSL Certificate created = Done at 9.07 am ( after verification given to Finsys.biz)

[9:35 am, 02/06/2023] need to update all servers ssl certificate asap
[9:35 am, 02/06/2023] Some servers maine kar diye hain

Action responses, Success

[9:35 am, 02/06/2023] DLJM IT Deena nath: Yes sir now ok
[9:37 am, 02/06/2023] Sangeet Kr Gupta: Good

[9:43 am, 02/06/2023] Gw rahul: DONE
[9:44 am, 02/06/2023] Sangeet Kr Gupta: good

[9:39 am, 02/06/2023] Gw rahul: Nb01 team , pls check and confirm
[9:40 am, 02/06/2023] +91 85953 19866: Yes done ?✅
Thanks sir ji

Status update at 9.39 am

IT Team updating the new SSL certificate on each web hosted ERP server of Finsys customers, Hope to complete in next 15 minutes.

Status update at 9.53 am


Thank you for your patience.


 we will keep updating.

Message of This website is not secure…SSL expiry. New Certificate taken. New SSL pasted on all sites. Topic near resolution