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Physical Verification : from 3 feet away, using Gun-scanners & QR Codes

Welcome to Sino Corrugated 2023.

A New Innovation. Pioneered by Winpack Ventures, a new Corrugation plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

Yes, All Corrugation units should implement this in their plants too.
No doubts about it.

 Mr M. V.  Suresh Babu,  Director and CEO of Winpack Ventures Pvt Ltd. one of the New shining light on the horizon of Corrugation Box Manufacturing..

They show how today doing physical verification in any Raw Material store or FG store is so easy.

Youtube Finsys

Video above shows, physical-verification-from-3-feet-away-using-gun-scanners

3 Feet away

as much as 3 Feet away

3 Feet is a big distance,.. see the video

System Driven Stores Receipt
System Driven Location
System Driven Issue from stores to Production
System Driven verification
System Driven Purchase, Sales, and Quality Operations too

Very good to see QR code sticker pasting on Reels . And how Winpack Ventures now uses gun scanners for Physical verification of stock


Just open the Finsys App, …. Aim, press trigger, move to next reel or packet 

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Winpack Ventures shows a new path to all units in Corrugation packaging Finsys QR code barcode scan physical verification

When do you plan to empower your Stores and Production Team with QR code verification of Stores ?

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This is a Short video of just 40 seconds duration.


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