Export invoices in Finsys ERP – When not to develop / purchase in ERP ?

Export invoices in Finsys ERP – When not to develop / purchase in ERP ?

Export invoices in Finsys ERP – When not to develop / purchase in ERP ?

Export invoices in Finsys ERP – When, it is better “not to” develop / purchase in ERP ?

Usually Customised “Export Invoices” are excluded in most ERP Software orders by Finsys ERP Team.

so, if you want to start export invoices now

Query in your mind ? When to start ?   Useful or not useful ?

Export Invoices in ERP

What  are the Advantages… ?

You may say … Looks Great. Ok. Feels Big, OK,  … anything else ?

What are the Disadvantages ? Did you think about it ? 

You must read this before you go ahead

Suitability :

This is suitable if your number of Export invoices is less than 10 per month.

What to do ?

Make Invoice in Finsys as a normal Domestic invoice in INR only in 4F type. That is made for this purpose. This facility is already available to all.

There is no GST on this invoice. Since this is an Export.

This Indian Rupee Invoice in Finsys ERP, is in same series as domestic, and

Make US Dollar invoice for Customers and the Indian Customs in Excel.

Benefit for Customer :

FOC Free of Cost

Benefit for Customer can be thought of as:

No extra cost,

no special training,

GST return as usual,

Sale register as usual.

IRN as usual.

E Way bill as usual.

No time on any extra procedure.

Benefit for Finsys :

No extra cost of Development, no extra cost of customization, no extra cost of implementation, no extra cost of support. No extra work and no extra Training on Forex Accounting. Everything continues as normal invoices.

Hence it is “Free of cost” and beneficial in this form for both

So, this is suitable and beneficial if the total number of Export orders is less than 10 per month.

Suitability :

If your Export invoices are 10 or more, per month, then you can consider. And if they are more than 20 per month, then you should surely have this additional facility.

Details as under :

Scope of Work in Option 2:

This module includes following features only.

Customer Export Invoice in Foreign Currency, ( ex. USD,  Euro, etc )

Customer Export Invoice in Indian Rupees, ( for Indian GST and Customs purposes )

Packing List,  with box wise Details

Pending Sales order Report in Foreign currency

Facility of separate Customs Filing Invoice

Facility of Export Proforma Invoice

Facility of separate series… means separate series for domestic and separate for exports.

Mention of LUT number on the Export invoices

Linked to E-invoice IRN Portal, if you already have the Webtel IRN linkage facility

Linked to E-way bill Portal, if you already have the Webtel E-waybill linkage facility

Onward linkage to Forex Accounting system , given in next para.

Formats : There will be one single format of invoices and packing list, across all customers and all countries.

Benefit for Customer :

Special training,

Saves time if your volume is big

Saves mistakes possibility, if volume is big.

Benefits of Forex Accounting

Locations and Companies

Companies at which ERP is to be implemented –  same as existing

Locations :

same as existing


All customers / all countries, all exports, same one single format.

No other document expected.

Action points

  1. Implement this in your factory, when you reach the status point as above
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