Automation, in Creation of E-way Bills….( EWB, in GST ).

Automation, in Creation of E-way Bills….( EWB, in GST ).

Automation, in Creation of E-way Bills….( EWB, in GST ).

Automation, in Creation of E-way Bills….( EWB, in GST ).

We Recommend, you can adopt it,…. if your number of Delivery challans and Invoices is more than 10 per day.

Webtel Finsys Combo Integrated Eway Bill

Direct from the ERP


Show invoices or challans to update the Eway bill

Generate JSON File ( free option )

Automatically generate Eway bill, and save details in the ERP, and print on the invoices, all automatic

Software for Automatic E-Way Bill Generation

through integration of Webtel API with Finsys ERP

F.I.L. has implemented the selected Modules of the Finsys ERP for the customer.

Eway bill are currently made at the customer factories, via the JSON file upload option. This is 90% automatic. And most of the work is using just a few clicks. Now Finsys has evolved further, and created even higher level of automation.

Finsys has offered this automation, and Customer has shown interest in this software hence this agreement.


Integrated E Way Bill Solution : Integrated into Finsys ERP

Concept paper / Description

E-way bills are currently compulsory in some transactions

Tax Invoice – to third party

Tax Invoice – for export

Tax Invoice to own plant in second state

Tax Invoice to own plant in same state with separate GST number

Customer side Job Work being returned / rework

Vendor side sending out for Job Work ( example : for Heat Treatment, Powder Coating )

Delivery Challan for Customer supply on approval basis

Delivery Challan for Exhibitions

Delivery Challan for own Factory 1 to factory 2

Delivery Challan for own Factory to  Depot

Import of Material from abroad ( port to factory ) with bill of entry

Sales Return

Bill of Supply, without GST

Such other situations

Earlier these were done manually with state level forms like ST-38, ST-31 and so on.

The major benefits of e-Way Bill system are as follows: ( Theoratical as envisaged)

The traders need not visit tax offices to collect and submit the Way Bill forms as used to be done in VAT regimes in some states.

Average waiting time at mobile squad reduces drastically – As the verification of the e-Way Bill is done with the common portal, it will speed up the process of verification and allowing the vehicle to pass faster.

Self-policing by traders- A trader while uploading gives the identification of the buying trader who will also account the transaction automatically.

Environment friendly – The need of the paper form of the multiple copies of way bill is eliminated. Hence, the tons of paper are saved per day.

Generation of GSTR-1 returns – GSTR-1 return of the supplier is auto prepared; hence he need not have to upload the same.

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India’s leading ‘e’ Compliance Solutions Company engaged in providing Compliance Solutions.

India’s first company to launch ‘e’ TDS product in 2004 when Income Tax Department made it mandatory for Corporates to file their TDS Returns in electronic format.

Pioneer in ‘e’ compliance solutions for GST, Income Tax, MCA, HRMS etc.

Registered with NSDL, Income Tax Department, MCA, HMRC (U.K.) and GSTN (as ASP/GSP).

Product bouquet consists of Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Other Compliances (MCA etc.), Practice Management, Payroll and others.

Webtel is India’s Leading GSP registered with GSTN.

Webtel is once again a pioneer in Integrated GST Solutions. Its footprints are all over India and it has provided solutions to India’s major Corporates and Professional Firms.

About Finsys ERP

Finsys ERP is one of the Popular ERP Software for Manufacturing Sector all over India. Finsys Infotech Limited’s Finsys ERP Software is working at over 650 Medium scale companies / plants across 23 states of India and some other countries including Dubai ( UAE ) , Angola, Congo (Africa), Mauritius, USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia and so on.

Their customers are Mid-size Manufacturing companies in areas of Electronics Industry, Corrugation Packaging, Printing-Publishing Industry, Steel Automotive Components, Rubber and Plastic Automotive Parts, Pharma, Food and manufacturers of Machines etc.

The Webtel Technical Team and Finsys Research & Development Department,  have worked together to create a back to back solution, where Finsys connects to the GSTN Portal via the Webtel Gateway seamlessly. So, this proposal is for you, to get a Readymade turnkey solution.

And Webtel is the Only Authorised E-WAY BILL Integration Provider , that is integrated back to back with Finsys ERP. Thus, you get the integration benefits without having to pay for integration separately.

Flow Chart / Screenshots

Step 1 : Select invoices/challans for which Eway bill are to be generated

Step 2 : Click on “Automatically generate E-way bill no.”

Step 3 : If all info is correct, E-way bill no. shall be generated, and then click on Save

Step 4 : Once generated E-way Bill no. is SAVED, it shall be printed on invoice automatically

Mr Sangeet Kr Gupta /Mr Puneet Gupta

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