How to do Item Grouping, Subgrouping in an ERP ? with Logics and Examples

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How to do Item Grouping, Subgrouping in an ERP ? with Logics and Examples

Taking example from a popular industry – Plastic Molding , we have explained how the Proper Grouping, Subgrouping shoul be made and can be made in any ERP Software

Examples taken from  Finsys ERP, And we are glad to share that the same logics can be used in any ERP Software you chose across the world. for more details . .



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Paints company orders ERP Software from Finsys

This leading MSME Paint manufacturing company used Finsys ERP for 2010 to 2021…. non stop… … Some years ago, it started parallel work on a new ERP software from Gujarat… Did good effort there,

But finally decided and agreed that East or West, Finsys is best ERP for the Small and Medium enterprises when you need a detailed Manufacturing Module, with peculiarities for the Paints and Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Welcome back to Finsys ERP.

Welcome Home.

We are your own.

Happy Homecoming

This company is based in Gurgaon, Haryana*.


  • some details changed to protect the identity of the customers as per our company policies

New Order : Neemrana, Rajasthan

Congratulations, New Order placed on Finsys by a mid size corporate based in Neemrana in Rajasthan , a 6 acre factory + 1 plant in Bahadurgarh, Haryana.

they are into Plastic Injection Moulding  + Sheet Metal components, and Contract manufacturing of complete Electrical equipments

This is our 7th Customer in Neemrana alone, and about 150th in Plastic/Rubber Domain

Thank you Patrons