FCBM Indore (16 – 18 December 2022) Radisson Blu, Indore. Golden Jubilee

FCBM Indore (16 – 18 December 2022) Radisson Blu, Indore. Golden Jubilee

FCBM Indore (16 – 18 December 2022) Radisson Blu, Indore. Golden Jubilee

Finsys is proud to Participate once again in the FCBM Exhibition : Indore 2022

Big Thing is that this is the 50th Edition. The Golden Jubilee of the FCBM. The Apex body of Corrugators In India

The Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers (FCBM) of India is the apex body of India’s corrugated packaging industry with a membership of over 2000 corrugated box manufacturers.FCBM is regarded as one of the most active and well organized trade bodies in the country.

Established in 1971, the Federation comprises of 13 Associations, each representing a geographical area of the country. Membership of the Federation can be gained through membership of any of these regional associations.Over the years, FCBM has significantly expanded its scope and its broad aims include

Indore is also Ranked the Cleanest City in India.. for 6th year in a Row

They are so good. So, let us learn from them, the City of Organised People, who think systematically, work systematically, and keep themselves organised.


Finsys shall be Exhibiting its Solutions. We earlier participated in FCBM Pune and FCBM Jaipur.

Glimpse Of The some of our previous exhibitions

And of course, FINSYS ERP is one of the largest selling ERP Software for the Corrugation Packaging , Duplex Packaging, and Flexible Businesses for 30 years.

780+ Corrugation and other Factories in India, South Asia, Africa, Europe and USA. Vision of Corrugation and Packaging Industry Leaders, Chartered Accountants and Computer Engineers. Every year, over 18000 Users, and over Rs 20,750 Crores ) of Manufacturing Business is being conducted, planned, produced, packed and shipped by Finsys ERP run businesses, worldwide.

Finsys ERP Software – for Gate to Gate, Full ERP right from Purchase Planning, to Purchase, to Gate, to Quality, to Production planning. Right-upto the Shipment, its collection, Financial Accounts, GST, Salaries, and Maintenance.

Even the customer follow-up for payments, and vendor follow-up for material delivery. Auto-Emails, and SMS’s on alert events.
Specialised ERP Software. Linked to Android Phones. I-Phones, and Windows devices. Generates Bar Coded Stickers – 1D, 2D and QR, Includes Job Card, Process Sheet, Machine Loading, Planning of Time Utilisation of your Material, Money Men and Machines.


Proud to be part of the Value Chain in Corrugation Industry in India, South East Asia, West Asia, and Africa

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FCBM Day 1 indore MP 16 Dec 2022 Finsys ERP. Stall number 99

Mr Vijay Panjabi, Director and Co Founder, Radhesham Wellpack Pvt Ltd, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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