Vendor Portal Extranet

As you grow up, you Delegate.Delegate

And You want stronger systems

Do you desire that your Purchase department must get three competing quotations before placing any order ?

If so, how do you ensure this ?

And how to reduce the data entry ?

Finsys has 4 solutions for you.

  • Pre-Purchase: RFQ (Request for Quotation Module)
    • Pre Purchase – RFQ – Request for Quotation floating to probable vendors.
    • Select item, select party and shoot email to each selected vendor.


  • Pre Purchase – Comparison
    • Pre Purchase — Comparison of Quotations module, before issue of a PO.
    • Attachment option PDF or JPGS of Technical Requirements those to be shown at approval time.


  • Vendor Portal for Request for QuotationsDelegate
    • Yes, it is possible
    • You can ask the vendors to log in and fill in their Quote
    • This way your RFQ data entry is also done by vendor himself
    • And comparison is even more transparent, fast, and easy


  • Approved Price List Concept
    • Approved Vendor List concept, so that we fix which item can be purchased from which vendor, at what price and what taxation. So that the purchase team can make orders quickly without having to recall prices at all times.