Bank Receipt Voucher

Do you Supply to OEM Customers like Maruti, Honda, LG, Samsung ?  Do you want Proper Bil wise outstanding ?  Does one remittance from your customer contains payment for more than 25 bills ?  Do your accountants enter this manually ?

Voila, a new Idea ……..­­­

Bank Receipt Voucher from your Customer Payment Advice

  • File downloaded from the Customer portal.
  • Modify as per Finsys standard format. ( Excel / CSV )
  • Example : Maruti sends us a Payment advice in Text / CSV / Excel with 1000 line items ( my 1000 invoices ), doing manual data entry in accounts module to knock off these 1000 invoices is a big task.
  • This module will help you automatically knock off the invoices, enter the receipt
  • Additional benefit, you know how much they have not paid for any bill
  • Please remember, the FIFO adjustment is not a good policy. The above is recommended.