Scanned Financial Voucher

Does your Accounts Dept spend hours to find a paper ?

Going to old record room is a pain ?

Income tax Scrutinies / Excise Assessments / in future GST assessments…

A successful Idea ……..­­­

Scanned Financial Voucher Upload Software

  • Facility to upload the scanned invoice of the vendor, with each Material purchase bill.
  • Same facility also for the Cash Vouchers, Bank voucher
  • Also for service vouchers
  • Also for Debit Note, Credit Note supporting paper etc.
  • Uploaded into the software controlled server location. No manual intervention of pasting the voucher into server path. Automatic file name creation too.
  • Multiple Attachments, multiple pages to be put in a single PDF file during scanning.
  • Data kept on File server / NAS(Network Attached Storage) / SAN ( Storage Area Network).