Barcoded Labels Printing

You already know that some companies are faster in absorbing new Technologies.

See this one.

Barcoded labels Printing and Bar Code Based Issue of Engineering Stores / Maintenance / Consumables items:

  • Tagging of the Bins / Material outer carton, with a Bar Coded Self-adhesive Sticker. ( New ). Done by Stores people and Affixed on each Engineering Stock item.
  • All material will issue through this barcode with the help of Barcode Application
  • Use of Android Phone.
  • Benefit
    • Ease in Issue of Material – Just Scan and Issue , like a Supermarket
    • Issue of Material on Real Time Basis ..instead of at day end.
    • Knowledge of Ageing of that Item… each item carries the date of receipt
    • Implementation of proper FIFO
  • Physical Verification of Engineering Stores using BAR CODES ( New)
  • However, this material issue generally. Material will not issue Batch wise or with the link of any Machine. It will issue, directly on the floor.