Inward Transporters

Do you pay for your inward Freight also ?

Ever felt the need of reconciling / matching / knock off Inward Transport GR Copy / Bilti ?

This is to reduce the risk of double claim from the transporters

We have an idea for you

  • Inward Transporters Bill Knock-off system.
    • This is similar to above.
    • And linked to MRR for those vendors who are allowed “Freight Extra” only.
    • Benefit 1 : Knock off controls that same MRR will not be claimed again for Freight payment.
    • Benefit 2 : And you also get the average freight cost percent for those items. To know your costing.
    • Benefit 3 : Reasonableness of Freight is also visible this way.
    • Created to link all the purchase bills, which either nil or a specific transporter cost