Bar Codes App For The Physical Verification

Do you know that Printweek Magazine recently covered another innovation by Finsys.

  • Bar Codes App for the Physical Verification of RM Stock (Is it really in the factory ? )
    • Infrastructure ?
      • Android phones
      • Ordinary Laser Printer
    • How to use
      • Normal Finsys ERP Bar-coded stickers for bin / item / Paper Reel.
      • Normal Android Phone based App.. Just Aim, Scan, and click ok.
    • Benefits
      • Physical verification becomes very easy
    • Best used in which industry
      • Corrugation Industry for Kraft paper reels – at reel level- each reel has a unique number
      • Flexible packaging industry for Flexible Reels / Laminates – each reel has a unique number
    • Can also be used in all other companies
      • All companies for physical verification of all items, where qnty is fed by hand, and item code is fed by this scanning of the bin tag
      • All companies for any spare parts and consumables
      • All companies for any warehouse management