Transporter Bill

Ever used a Transporter to ship your material to a customer ?

Of course , Yes.

Ever felt the need of reconciling / matching / knock off Outward Transport GR Copy / Bilti ?

Of course, your Tempo wala / Transporter vendor might not be cheating you.

But… how do you assure yourself ?

We have an idea for you

Transporter bill Knock-off System – Sale Invoice side:

  • Scope limited to linking of the Sale invoices to the Transporter vendor bill, and control that he does not claim the same invoice two times in his two bills
  • No other transporter can claim freight for same invoice
  • Automatic report of customer wise freight-outward cost, for the period
  • Automatic report of Invoice wise freight-outward cost, — with Effective Percent Freight cost to Basic value of goods in that invoice. This helps to know if the truck was partially filled. The kink in the report also highlights if the goods went out on a Tata 407 mini truck and vendor tries to claim the charges for a Full Truck load
  • Automatic report of Item wise freight-outward cost. This helps you know whether the costing department / marketing department is actually charging the correct freight in their cost sheets to the customer or not.
  • Automatic Report of transporter wise share of our business
  • Inward transporter bill passing system is excluded.