BAR-Code based Geographical location

Do you know that Finsys recently implemented Bar Code based GEOGRAPHICAL location App for Raw Material , Finished Goods and Spare Parts.

Many times, a company faces a problem. That Goods are there inside the factory. But where are they ? This nobody knows.  The Question is “Where is it ? “

With this method, you don’t need costly RFID or GPS linkage.

Simple, Easy, practical solution.

Almost zero cost solution for mass production industries / large stores.

Already successful in many companies in India, and Africa.

  • Part A : Printed on the Raw Material Bin
    • Affixed on the RM
    • Used to mark the ownership of that RM– Manufacturer, Vendor to us, Date of receipt, etc
  • Part B : Bar Codes Application– in Android Phone, for “RM Location ?”
    • Above bar codes on RM, are used to notify the ERP, about where did the fork lift operator keep the RM( Also known as RM physical location.)
    • So, advantage, nobody can say, “I don’t know”, or “I forgot”
  • Best used in which industry
    • Repair Maintenance Spare Parts — all companies.
    • Corrugation Industry for paper reels
    • Flexible packaging industry for Flexible Reels
    • All companies for inks, adhesive drums
    • All companies for any warehouse management