Barcode – On The Invoice

Can ordinary Security Guards be made more productive ?

Can that person who might not be even 10th class pass, use new Technologies towards enhancing your customer’s delight ?

See this one.

Barcode – on the Invoice + “Gate Out Entry”

  • This is again a pioneering technology.
  • In this we print a small QR bar code on the front side of the invoice itself.
  • The Materials Gate Guard just scans it, when the goods are going out from the main Gate. He uses his Android mobile phone for the same.
  • That is all
  • This updates the ERP, as to when the goods actually left the main gate. Advantage, is that even if there is any delay due to truck problem, loading delay or any other reason, then you know the time gap between making of the invoice and actual “gate out” of the invoice.
  • Also, ERP shoots an auto email to the customer
  • Of Course, your marketing department can also see the Actual shipment time on their Android App’s.
  • This also prevents the error that invoice is forgotten and made again.

Today, Ordinary Security Guard can help in Customer Delight

When do you plan to empower him ?